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Veggie Magnifique YouTube Launch!



Chloe and I have been cookin’ up something we hope you’ll find mighty tasty.

A veggious YouTube channel!

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Anyway, our foray into TV-land has been a long time coming, and thanks to our amazing team of talented, techie men (we’re talking about you David, Mat, Arnold, and Stéphane,) we’re going to be able to share even more holistic wellness tips, and scrumptious recipes! Not to mention other filmed funzies like favorites, interviews, Paris happenings. And maybe even some music… 😉

We hope that our YouTube channel will provide an additional platform for us to connect with you on subjects that really matter — health, well-being, our families, friends (furry, too), and, naturally, how to save the planet.

So, without further ado, here’s our introduction video — beautifully shot and edited by our filmmaker magician, David Desgardin.

More to come! Stay tuned, and please head on over to our YouTube channel and become a legit “subscriber.”

With gratitude and greens,


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