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{ Recipe } Homemade Soy Milk



I’ve found that, the more I embrace making absolutely everything myself, the more self-reliant and Thoreau-esque I feel.

However, soy milk was one thing that I have been continuing to buy ready-made. Turning those hard-as-nails yellow beans into a silky white drink always seemed somehow beyond my reach.

But that was last week.

I’ve officially expanded my kitchen repertoire to soy milk, and as you’ll see, it’s surprisingly easy to make from scratch.


Why Make Your Own Soy Milk?

No longer buying soy milk isn’t simply a thrifty and zero waste trick – though those things are motivating. It’s about not giving away your tastebud sovereignty. You get to decide how creamy your milk is, how sweet, and how thick. And you also get to decide on the protein content of your fave latte now (hint: just add more beans). What a yummy expression of your creativity and self-sufficiency!

So jettison packaging, barcodes and plastic, and join the ranks of the slow-living, bean-soakin’ folk. But keep in mind that making your own soy milk could be your first step on that slippery slope to living in a cabin in the woods in a state of civil disobedience. Which… actually kinda sounds like the dream, no?


Video: How to Make Homemade Soy Milk


¡ Soy una revolucionaria ! Y tu ?

p.s. If you have any doubts about soy beans and hormone health, watch this space for a thorough debunking in a couple of weeks’ time.

p.p.s. Got too much homemade soy milk on your hands now? Craving something sweet and satisfying? We’ve got you covered.

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