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Bangkok – There’s the short version and long version.

The short version is this: We found so. much. delicious vegan food. 

The short version of the long version is this: At some point I got some sort of food poisoning/viral infection/I-now-know-what-a-Bangkok-hospital-looks-like kind of thing… which really cramped my style, to say the least.

Now, I didn’t film that. Lucky you.

(Ha! Another reminder, friends, that we content creators have real lives… lest you start to think that I, or any other social media personality has a perfect, glittery life. Nope.)

No, I filmed the food… when I wasn’t in bed. And there was lots of it to film. So should you also be on a quest to find the most scrumptious vegan pad thai on the planet, or equally curious about vanilla scones and coco whip with strawberries, today’s video is for you. (There’s also some axe-throwing in there for good measure, because… #balance. )

Afraid of Bangkok?

The truth is, though… before coming to Thailand, I was always afraid of Bangkok. It kinda has a reputation, you know? You hear stories about “things” going on that I’m very much not into. Now, maybe these “things” exist – surely – but I’m living proof that you can effectively avoid them entirely, should you so choose. As always, I focus on the food.

And what a vegan smorgasbord of yum! So consider me fit to be Thai’d on the subject of Siam… which looks like “miam” – meaning “yummy” in French. Coincidence? I think not. Let’s go!


Travel Vlog: Vegan Bangkok | What I ate…

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I’d love to hear from you! Have you been to Bangkok? Were you pleasantly surprised?

Next time we’re certainly looking forward to visiting other parts of the country – the beaches, the south, and Chiang Mai – but until then, we’ll have fond memories of the Bangkokian food to keep us warm.


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