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I’ve never really been into eggs.

I mean… even before I was vegan. My breakfast of choice was always pancakes and never huevos rancheros. Now, be that as it may, that doesn’t mean I didn’t used to eat eggs – most pancakes have ’em, after all.

And furthermore, and very importantly, conventional baking (i.e. cake) uses a whole lotta eggs. (And I’m into cake.) So – full disclosure here – the last thing to go when I did go vegan was… cake.

Now, if you still think that you’d have to give up cakes, cookies, what-have-you by going vegan and/or plant-based, today’s post is going to rock your world, and knock your little socks off.

… because there’s a new “prototype” on the scene that’s goin’ change errrything.

The Creation of a Vegan Egg – Les Merveilloeufs

Yes, there have been “egg-substitutes” on the market for quite some time. There are liquids and powders… not to mention the other myriad ways of imitating the fluffification properties of eggs using flax, chia, and apple sauce. And they work a treat, but they’re not exactly…. eggy. {Read more about the many vegan swaps for meat, cheese and dairy.}

Enter… Les Merveilloeufs. If it got any more eggier, it’d be gross. (I should suggest this to them as their tagline, no?)

But it’s not gross. It’s a veritable FEAT of two brilliant bio-chemists, Sheryline Thavisouk and Philippine Soulères.

Meet the Makers of the First Vegan Egg

I liked Sheryline and Philippine right off the bat – smiley, young and full of enthusiasm, they were my kind of entrepreneurial awesome. Knowing that I was a vegan blogger, and a cake aficionado, they invited me to their start-up incubator – the largest start-up campus in the world – Paris’ Station F, to show me their latest prototype.

I said, “oui.”


The short version of their long process is this…

While working on her degree in biochemistry, Sheryline planned to enter the beauty world of whipping up body butters and face creams. Soon, however, she joined forces with the lovely Philippine, and after a lil’ bit of “needs assessment” in their network, they realized that what the world needs now is love sweet love… and a vegan egg.

Now, the reasons for not eating animal eggs are endless, from salmonella to cholesterol to cruelty, plus the fact that chickens only have one “hole” for… everything. (Sorry.) Not to mention allergies and intolerances… So certainly a vegan egg is a real need. Chickens rejoice!

{Read more about why I don’t eat eggs that come from animals.}


vegan eggs les merveilloeufs


I can’t wait to introduce you to these two extraordinary, dare I say “eggzelent,” young women, Sheryline and Philippine! Oh, and the two entrepreneurial firecrackers were just featured in Le Monde… no biggie. (Yes, biggie.)

So let’s see what Les Merveilloeufs have cooked up, shall we?

NEW VIDEO: VEGAN EGG! 🍳Les Merveilloeufs | Station F Start-Up Incubator

{Un grand merci to my friend Pierre from Celestory for putting me in touch with these lovely ladies.}


Crazy, right? Who’s craving a vegan eggs benedict? 🙋‍♀️

Make sure to follow Les Merveilloeufs on Facebook and Instagram so that you don’t miss what will surely be an epic launch (and lunch.) And definitely let me know what you thought of this video, and what you would make with this vegan egg!

Sunny side up, indeed,

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