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Minimalist Summer Essentials | Vegan + Eco




Summer oughta be easy-breezy.

Now, this summer might be a bit… different, but there are certain essentials that remain intact: throwing off our shoes, bathing in the sun, drinking fresh water and matcha lattes, and eating strawberries and cream.

Yum. At least that’s what I’m into.

Eco + Vegan Summer Livin’

How to make your summer a lil’ more easy-breezy?

Maybe, just maybe, we don’t need as much as we think. Maybe we don’t need to buy 16 new bikinis, four new summer hats, and a bicycle built for two.

Maybe we just need to get back to basics.

Mindful + Minimalist

Now’s the time to enjoy simple pleasures – quality time with loved ones, summer fruit, while enjoying the warmth of the sun, and the cool of a cold drink.

And, furthermore, right now is a perfect time to declutter, and take care of our planet, ourselves, and, of course, the animals. Work with what you’ve got, or if you need to buy something choose more eco and more vegan. The best part? You can make a difference with your choices! For example, every day you use your reusable water bottle, or you choose to not support animal cruelty by not buying dairy, you’re making a difference. Every time you choose less over more, the world wins.

So let’s talk about my summer essentials, shall we? They are few but… delightful.

Minimalist Summer Essentials | Vegan + Eco

{Mentioned: Sunday Natural delish organic matcha.* (Use code: VMSUNDAY10 until the end of July for 10% off the whole site!) Diana Ralys Skin Health Suntegrity Natural Sunscreen*. (Use code: VEGGIEMAGNIFIQUE10 for a discount.) Dutch Health Store, Everybody Loves the Sunshine*. Hydro Flask Thermos*. Minuit Sur Terre vegan shoes. Yogo Travel Yoga Mat*. Mindset* by Carol S. Dweck. Some studies on Earthing, here, here, and here. My fab summer dress.}



There you have it! All my minimalist vegan and eco essentials for summer. I’d love to hear from you guys. What are your go-tos and must haves? (Are you a matcha addict, too? 😁)

Sending you all warm thoughts and breezes,

* Denotes an affiliate link, which means that if you purchase something using my link, Veggie Magnifique gets a very small commission. Hooray! This is a wonderful way of supporting Veggie Magnifique, should you choose to do so. Of course EVERYTHING that I promote, I 100% love and stand behind.

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