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Guess what!?

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and you know what that means…

(No. Nothing to do with Black Friday. I don’t celebrate Black Friday – it scares me.)

It means I can unabashedly blast Christmas music without getting sideways glances. See, I’ve been doing it for weeks en cachette, but now I can jolly well come out and deck my halls with massive musical balls of holly. Ha! (Here’s my ever-growing secret Christmas playlist on YouTube in case you’re a kindred spirit.)

Conscious Consumption

Now, though the manic consumerism of Black Friday totally terrifies me, I can totally get behind mindful vegan shopping. As you know if you watched our video all about conscious consumption with the Closet Guru, we’re striving more and more to buy less and less, and to buy better.

Today we’re talking shoes.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… you’d love to stop wearing dead cows on your feet, but it’s so much more laborious to find vegan shoes because you have to primarily do it online, instead of just going shoe shopping. And we feel you. But, never fear — we’ve done the “legwork” for you so that you can be footloose and fancy free. (Heh heh.)

Today’s video introduces a few of our favorite vegan shoe brands that make eco-conscious and cruelty-free look über hot to trot. These companies are sustainable, transparent, vegan, cruelty-free, sourced as locally as possible, and quality. So quality. We wanted to show our fans and friends that looking great doesn’t have to come at the cost of another life.

Here’s a lil’ slice of life for you all…

Vegan Shoes + Ann & Chloe in Paris

Chloe is wearing Chelsea boots in chestnut by Wills, Audrey heels in beige by Veerah*, and Melissa wedges in cream/gold by Beyond Skin. Ann is wearing Biker boots in dark brown by Wills, Frida heels in red* by Veerah, and Archie B in gold by Beyond Skin.


So what about returns/exchanges?

So, yes, these brands are online, but the companies are so friendly and eager to help that if you were to accidentally order the wrong size, they’re at the ready to help you swap or switch it. Remember… generally speaking, the people behind eco, vegan, and/or sustainable companies are usually doing it because they care… about animals, the planet, and other humans, so they’re nice.

What do you think, readers? If you have a favorite vegan shoe brand leave us a comment below and let us know! Or maybe you’ve had challenges buying non-leather shoes, in which case, leave us a comment and we’d be happy to help you.

Looking great never felt so good.

High-Heeled Shoe on Apple iOS 11.1

Jingle jingle,

P.S. We’re collaborating with Pop Up Yoga Paris for a Full Moon Yoga Party on Dec. 1st! Chloe and I will be making yummy goodies for the event and joining in on the chaturangas. Make sure to snag your spot ASAP as it will sell out!

P.P.S. We are thrilled to be affiliates with Veerah! Meaning, if you decide to buy some Veerahs through our link, we will get a small commission. Hooray! Thanks so much for supporting us if you choose to do so! Of course EVERYTHING that we promote we 100% love and stand behind.

P.P.P.S. A big thank you to Arnold and to Angèle and her team.

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