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Can you remember the last time you did absolutely nothing and felt at peace about it?

The last time for me was yesterday afternoon. It lasted less than five minutes, but felt good. A break, not only from doing, but also from that low-level anxiety that so many of us live with.

I just sat, to-do list be darned, and consciously stroked my little son’s silky blond hair. I created spaciousness and peace in that moment, and this coloured the rest of my day.

My little pocket of presence was a great reminder to me that peace is an inside job. No matter what’s going on on the outside, there is always a place of peace to be found within, when we take a few breaths and connect to it.

And peace is possibly the greatest luxury in this buzzy, ding-y, noisy world. I’m motivated to find it wherever I can, lest my head explode from over-stimulation.


A Minimalist Handbag for Greater Headspace

Now, I never would have thought that inner peace could be connected to having a minimalist handbag, but indeed, keeping my things organised and pared down actually does have a palpably positive effect on my psyche.

Perhaps it’s because I no longer have to dig around frantically for my keys or bank card, meaning I’m avoid those little, but regular, spikes in cortisol. Sometimes tiny changes can bring massive results.

So, as silly as it may seem to seek inner peace in your handbag, I can attest that minimising and organising what you tote around is a practical step on the path to enlightenment.


Video: What’s in Our Minimalist and Zero Waste Vegan Bags

Here’s a sneaky peek into our vegan handbags (from the delightful brand Gunas NYC.)

{Nos amis francophones, cliquez sur le petit CC à droite pour les sous-titres.}

Mentioned in the video: Delfonics stationery, The Closet GuruDr. Hauschka Lipstick, Living Libations Throat Spray.

Photo by the wondrous Katie Donnelly.

Our bags:
The Jane, by Gunas NYC*
The Madison PE, by Gunas NYC*


Here’s to headspace and bag space!

p.s. Have any zero waste tips for us? What do you do about Kleenex or dental floss? Do let us know in the comments!

* denotes an affiliate link, which means that if you purchase something using our link that we get a very small commission. Hooray! Thanks so much for supporting us if you choose to do so! Of course EVERYTHING that we promote we 100% love and stand behind.

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