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{ Vlog } What I Eat in a Day | Quarantine Edition




I’ve realized that my normal life is actually a lot like “quarantining.”

My husband and I cook and eat at home most of the time, and as entrepreneurs, most of our online business magic happens at home.

We’re certainly not anti-social, but we enjoy cozy a lot more than chaotic, and especially at this point in our lives, we’re focused on being frugal more than fun-loving.

So though today’s vlog is labeled “quarantine,” the truth is, it’s pretty much a typical “day off” day. I put “day off” in quotes because I currently have several jobs, and so I work seven days a week, and some of that happens in the home. Today’s vlog is one of those home days. As most of you know, my life has been turned upside down and inside out over the past year – mostly good stuff, but categorically overwhelming most of the time.

But challenge is not my enemy! And another refrain that remains constant in my brain (and perhaps we would all do well to have on repeat): “This, too, shall pass.”

Though one thing I encourage everyone to not pass on, is tofu. <Segway!>

How to Make Tofu Delicious

So many non-vegans (especially over 50) are terrified of tofu. It has something to do with the ol’ hippie dippie goopy tofu of yesteryear, and it’s an entirely irrational fear I’d love to put an end to. Now, we’ve already discussed how beneficial soy is for you in another post/video, and though you may be convinced from a nutritional standpoint, IF you still have visions of limp and lifeless tofu dancing in your heads, today’s vlog will set the record straight. E.g. Tofu can be bodaciously chewy and flavorful, and essentially knock your socks off. Tofu panda. Hi-yaaa!

So here’s a little peak into my homey activities, eats, and practices. Hope you enjoy, and if you do, it always means a lot when you leave some love in the comments below.


VIDEO: What I Eat in a Day | Vegan | Quarantine Edition

💫Mentioned: Which vitamins I take/love, Bullet Journaling, Gaia TV, Encha Organic Matcha.


So who’s on team tofu?! Hope you’re all enjoying the pleasures of spring – nature seems to be singing more than ever at the moment.


I’ll be back soon with some panda tomfoolery, 😁

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2 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day | Quarantine Edition

  1. Liz Strand says:

    Really enjoyed your day of eating video! Always learn something and it’s great to see you and your kitchen and other parts of the apt! Keep ’em coming! Love, TanteBeth

    1. Ann says:

      Thanks Tantebeth! <3 So happy that you enjoyed the video and thank you so much for telling me so! Hope to show you around in person one of these days! 🙂

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