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{ Holistic Wellness } 10 Tips to Stay Healthy at Home




It’s possible that some of you are experiencing Four-Wall-itis.


Four-Wall-itis: Noun. When the four walls of your room (or home) start to close in on you. The condition of going berserk because you’ve been confined to a place for what seems like forever and you want to get out. Synonyms: Stir-crazy, cooped up. 


To this I say – I feel you.

Wherever you’re located, you’re probably experiencing some level of confinement. From total lockdown, in London and Paris, to a bit less so in New Hampshire. (Though almost everything is closed and cancelled here, too.)

But, though many of us may feel a bit stir-crazy at the mo’, we must make the best of this situation – both for our sanity and our santé. So whaddaya say we make some lemonade outta these lemons?

My (Perhaps) Surprising Tips for Staying Healthy at Home

In today’s video (below) where I share my top ten tips for staying healthy at home, some of my recommendations may surprise you, or even seem arbitrary. Why? Because, as a holistic health coach, I’m trained to see the whole picture. Staying healthy and boosting one’s immune system is an entirely holistic endeavor. You can’t be assured of total wellness just by doing yoga, just by eating fruits and veg, or even washing your hands incessantly… no.

Health is holistic.

Our emotions, practices, routines, relationships, thoughts, and how we spend our days, all play a huge role in the functioning of our immune system, and the body as a whole. (Doubtful? Say you Google the placebo effect, my friend. It’s wild, and the implications of it, wonderful.) So, as such, we have to think outside-of-the-box, and cover all our bases when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

Besides, we all know deep down that there’s no magic pill for health, and wouldn’t life be boring if there were? We learn and grow so much in our quest for answers, greatness, and well-being.

Here’s to your quest. Sure hope that my tips help.

VIDEO: 10 Tips to Stay Healthy At Home

Mentioned in the video:

Smartfooding (FR)*Thrive Market (US)*, Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau*, My fave zojirushi Rice Cooker*, Skillshare*, holistic nutrition studies*, 10 Days to a Powerful Morning Ritual multimedia kit.

Some of my favorite self development books: The Slight Edge*, Influence*, The Big Leap*, Atomic Habits*


Do you agree, reader? Are books more important than The Bachelor? 😁 (We can agree to disagree and still be friends.)

I’d be curious to hear about some of your practices for staying sane, and en bonne santé during this unprecedented moment of our lives. Leave me a comment below – let’s chat.


To your health,

P.S. Mucho gratitude to my friend, Francesca, for recommending I make this video!

{Featured image by the wonderful Pauline Darley.}

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