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The jury’s still out on Bali…

Some say it’s too tourist-y.

Some say it’s “über spiritual” and an “energetic hotspot.”

I’ve not really made up my mind honestly, but I will tell you this… there’s some wicked good vegan food, and that’s all that matters for today.

Will Travel For Food

Foodie that I am, I must admit to “food-motivated travel.”

There are those who travel for beaches or temples, history, or even shopping… I’d say one of my primary delights in seeing the world is hunting down the most delish vegan cake and chewy noodles. (We all have our priorities and passions, don’t judge.) And for the most part, Bali delivered in these departments. A bit less so cake-wise, in my opinion, but if you’re into raw cakes, Bali should be on your short (cake) list.

So today I’m sharing my list of the crème de la crème of this little touristic-albeit-spiritual Indonesian Island – my own Best of Vegan Bali. 

NEW VIDEO: Best Vegan Food in Bali

Have you been to Bali? Do you agree or disagree with my picks? Have I missed anything? (Yes, actually, Zest Ubud… but it was so good we forgot to film. *gasp* Can you imagine? I know, I know. I’m sorry. Let’s call it “waffle brain.”)


Wishing you a fantastic weekend. Leave me a comment? I’m feeling rrrreally far away, and would love to hear from you all. ❤

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One thought on “Best Vegan Food in Bali

  1. Elizabeth Strand says:

    Love seeing you guys in your exotic places! Love, Aunt Liz

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