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how to plan a vegan wedding

There are those who think that a vegan wedding would surely be a flop. That guests will protest, that your family will disown you, or that it’ll be impossible to find a caterer, or the right shoes, etc.

However, Moses supposes… erroneously.

Admittedly, planning a vegan wedding does have its challenges – which I delineate in detail in the video below – but it’s so very possible. Overall, I’d say that all it takes is a willing team of open-minded people, and a bit of research, assertiveness, and organization. As you saw in the post all about my vegan wedding dress, most people want to make your special day, well, special, and if they can, say… get you a non-silk belt, they’ll do it.

But, what about the vegan naysayers?

Now, there will always be those guests who sneer at the absence of animal on their wedding plate, but their discontent will be short lived, and I reckon we owe it to the animals, the planet, and our own health, to strive to do the least harm possible, especially on such a momentous day.

Besides, no harm, no fowl, right? 😉

vegan wedding appetizers

A quick word about the wedding food…

I spill all the beans – good and bad – in the video, but let me just say that the appetizers were excellent. Arnold and I were busy being photographed during the “mocktail hour” though, so we only were able to savor a couple right before dinner, all quick-like.

And those cakes… in they end, they knocked our socks off, thank God. Otherwise I might’ve lost all credibility as a Master Tea & Caker. Heehee! (Watch the video to hear the whole suspenseful story.)



In the end I think that most people will remember the music, the rainbow (yep), and how it all ended with a splash. (My mom, once an “aquamaid” even choreographed a little synchronized swimming performance!)

So without further ado, let’s jump into what was truly an intimate, magical, musical, and love-filled day, and share a bit about how we put together this whole extravaganza.

VIDEO: Our Experience Planning a Vegan Destination Wedding

{Villa Celeste, Chic Concepts Wedding Planners, Personal Chef Mx, Ave Sol Photography}


You see? It’s possible!

Even though I had frizzy hair, and our guests were certainly sweatier than they ever thought possible… the atmosphere of love (and that dip in the pool) sorted us out and made for a delicious moment.

I’d also just like to take a moment to thank all of you, Veggie Magnifique readers and viewers, for your endless kind words and well-wishes during this important moment in my life. It means the world to me.

Would you like to see more of the actual wedding itself? Or have you had your fill of wedding content? Let me know in the comments below.


See you next week, friends,

{Photos by Eva Sica of Ave Sol Photography.}

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