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Something that ought to be so fundamental and natural to existence, can sometimes be so complicated and convoluted. We must nourish ourselves every single day, and yet many of us suffer from an unhealthy relationship with the very stuff we’re using to nourish ourselves!

And the reasons are endless…

Now I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do know what has worked for me. And as vulnerable as it makes me, I’d like to share my story – if it helps someone else, it’s worth it. This delicate relationship with food is so profoundly important to our daily happiness and overall well-being, and so I think we’d do well to discuss a bit more about this topic.

As such, in today’s video I talk a little bit about what my relationship to food looked like when I was in my early 20s – the negative self-talk, and unhealthy dynamics – and then I explain how I gradually healed from this unhealthy relationship. The new habits that I implemented over time have truly changed my relationship with food, and hence, my life.

As anyone knows who has struggled with a love-hate relationship with food and then later healed, the freedom you feel is unparalleled, and it is my sincerest hope that this information will help others to feel this freedom.

New Video: How I Healed My Relationship With Food

{Mentioned: Institute for Integrative Nutrition, “The Cheese Trap” by Dr. Neal Barnard}


I’d love to hear from you, friends.

Did you find these tips helpful? Or do you have insight as to how you’ve perhaps healed your relationship with food? Let’s talk down in the comments.


Here’s to feeling free,

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4 thoughts on “How I Healed My Relationship With Food

  1. Guinevere says:

    So many great tips! Thanks for that. It was very helpful.

    1. Ann says:

      Thanks so much, Guinevere! So happy you found the tips helpful! <3

  2. Celia says:

    Food for thought Ann x
    Thank you

    1. Ann says:

      Thanks, Celia. <3

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