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When exactly did journalism and accuracy part company?

My father is a journalist. He’s been producing watertight news stories with his signature dash of wit for nearly 50 years. I have always been proud of this. To me, his profession conjures up adventure on the front lines, buzzing newsrooms, and, most of all, exacting personal standards for the craft, and for the facts.

But today’s online climate of clicks, shares and likes can, by its very nature, encourage a loosening of journalistic integrity. Social media has, unfortunately, provoked a veritable mudslide of standards.

Exhibit A: Help! I’m Giving Up Veganism, published on the website


The Anti-Vegan Brigade

Veganism is an easy target, especially in France, where the old schoolers are just “dying” to be proved right about this untrustworthy, newfangled veggie thing. Any so-called news site that can cobble together an anti-vegan post made up of anecdotes and “expert” opinions is sure to bag a load of gloating shares on Facebook.

It’s cheap, and it’s mucky, and it’s an insult to everybody’s intelligence.

Indignant, we decided to pass Slate’s article through the bullsh**-o-meter.


Video: Debunking with Health Coach Arnold de Souza

Plant-based health coach Arnold de Souza is a purveyor of truth, and his measured and accurate approach is a tonic in this base media climate.

(This one’s in French – but never fear, we’ve lovingly subtitled it!)



As Arnold encourages, do click on these links to read up on the unbiased studies and scientific revues. It’s really the only way to get clear on the nutritional facts these days:

Official position of the American Dietetics Association on plant-based diets

Plants’ complete amino acid composition, by Dr. John McDougall

The myth of protein combining

Research into reversing ageing

The Okinawa Diet: Living to 100

Taking stock of bone broth

Athletes vegans : The Gamechangers

How Not to Die, by Dr. Michael Greger


Here’s to debunking mass-media absurdity with the simple, honest truth.

Do repost this interview if you share our fervent desire to stick it to click-bait “news”!

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2 thoughts on “Debunking Anti-Vegan Propaganda |

  1. June Dunn says:

    Calmly and confidently argued.

    1. Chloe says:

      We’re glad you agree! Arnold is fantastic.

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