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As counterintuitive as it may sound, I find the best way to get past a conundrum is to leave it alone and go eat a rice cake. Sometimes we need a break to recalibrate our creative cogs, and sometimes conundrums need to breathe.

At least in my experience.

I had a conundrum this week… I solved it with rice cakes. (I’m only half joking.)

The Real Topic of This Post: Smartfooding

One conundrum you no longer have to solve with rice cakes is where to get them… or, at least, where to get your organic and vegan non-perishables in Paris. Because: Yay! Smartfooding has come to France!

Smartfooding’s the new kid in town for those in-the-know. After having massive success in Barcelona (where the start-up got its feet wet,) and launching a successful crowdfunding campaign here in France, Smartfooding is off to a phenomenal start in the City of Light. (Note: So, if you’re Barthelona-based, you can get in on the fun, too.)

Why do I love Smartfooding? They have loads of amazing products that are so hard to find — superfoods, special kombucha, Spanish tapenades, etc., plus it’s delivered to your door. (Or one of those “relais” places — you choose.) You just visit the site, create your account, pop your fave products into your panier, and voilà! Healthy food on the way.

So the real question is…

Why do the French insist on putting -ing on English nouns and morphing them into odd new verbs? Now that… I cannot tell you. Did you know that les français also say, “faire du footing” to mean “going running”? True story. (Zey are feunee, zee French.)

So, let’s get going on the unboxing, shall we? As I explain in the video — not all products on the site are vegan, so do be aware, but many of them are. Hooray!

Unboxing: Smartfooding Goodies!

This one’s in French so make sure to click on the CC on the bottom right of the video if you’re more anglais than français

You Can Be “Smart,” too!

So, join the club, friends!

We asked Smartfooding if they would give Veggie Magnifique fans a discount and they said, “Yes!” (Well, actually they said, “Oui,” but I digress…) So by clicking on the link below, you’ll get 10% off your first purchase (of over 20€) + free shipping, and you can also benefit from a *free month trial* of the Smartfooding club, so your final basket will be even less expensive! Trop cool!

👉🏻 Click here to get in on the “fooding”

By using this link, you’ll  automatically see an auto-generated code when finalizing your order. You just have to click on “J’ai un coupon de réduction,” click on the code, then click “OK,” and you’ll see your discount.


So… have you guys tried that La Vida Vegan “nutella”? It might help you solve a conundrum or two… (Just sayin’…)


Happy weekend-ing,

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