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Chloe and I love it when our Veggie Magnifique activities involve eating, cake, and especially being out and about in Paris and, above all, not being on the computer.

Obviously we understand the importance of devices (after all you are reading this on one), but the challenge we, and so many others, face is how do we do what we do without becoming screen zombies… or wanting to chuck the whole kit and caboodle out the window.

It’s delicious outings like these — with real people, treats, and leisurely strolls — that recharge our human, real-life batteries, and remind us why we do what we do. Community and the love we have for a kind lifestyle that brings people together, saves the animals, our planet, and… our souls.

We hope you enjoy this “day in the life” blog where Chloe and I eat our way through the 11th arrondissement with Thomas Tieyre of Vegan Culinary Tours.

Day in the Life | Paris Vegan Tour

💫 Make sure to check out Thomas’ tour! We’re huge fans. He also has a few other vegan tours in other districts of Paris. Tell him we sent you and you get a massive brownie… point. 🙂

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What do you guys do to combat overexposure to screen-age and devices? Would love to know your tips and tricks for living in this digital age without going totally postal.

(Also, of course… how ’bout them strawbs?🍓)

*chucks computer out the window* … j/k

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