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Only a week to go until baby Magnifique’s official due date!

I feel ready for his arrival now, having spent three relaxing weeks in the south of France, just resting up and enjoying local and organic fruits and veggies.

As you’ll see, my pregnancy diet is mostly made of an abundance of fresh veggies, prepared super simply, and it’s doing me and bump a world of good.


Healthy Pregnancy – Iron is Key

I did start to feel mega tired in my sixth and seventh months, due to falling iron levels (a common symptom in pregnancy) and my busy Parisian life.

So over the past month I’ve been taking care to boost my iron levels, through diet and supplementation. This is my daily routine for beating fatigue:


  • Lots of greens: swiss chard, lettuce and herbs at every meal
  • Spirulina: 5g a day in tablet form
  • Chlorella: 2g a day in tablet form
  • Floradix liquid: 20ml per day


While a lot of pregnant women tend to get more tired as the months wear on, I’ve actually noticed a marked increase in my energy and general wellbeing in these final weeks as a result of this protocol. It shows up on my blood tests too; my platelets and haemoglobin took a nose dive in the middle of my pregnancy (too much running around and not enough greens I’d say), but they’re now looking really healthy again.

I’d highly recommend this protocol to any mama to be – if only to avoid having to take the yucky iron pills that mostly just boost constipation.

Taking it Easy

I’ve been much better at listening to my body’s signals in this last stretch of pregnancy. I rest when I need to, even if it’s in the middle of the morning. And these little lie downs give me a good opportunity to listen to some hypnobirthing recordings as I float in and out of sleep. I love pregnancy!

In terms of exercise, I’ve simply been going on hour-long daily walks in the countryside (my midwife recommended this), and doing three simple yoga postures per day to open hips: warrior II, butterfly, and cat-cow. Easy peasy. (Talking of yoga, have you tried our special ten-minute practice for pregnancy yet?)

Video: What I Ate Today at 9 Months’ Pregnant

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I hope you enjoy this little slice of my bump-tastic life in the French countryside.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment below to let us know you were here – we’re always so happy to hear from our dear readers!

All the best from bump and me,


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One thought on “What I Ate Today at 9 Months’ Pregnant

  1. June Dunn says:

    I could eat that every day. I felt full just watching. You are so lucky to have green finger relatives. Would you ever write all of these things down in a book/booklet because I forget. xxx

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