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Today I enjoyed feeling a remarkable emotion: serenity.

In the middle of an early-morning voiceover session, I noticed feeling peaceful and poised. And everything – thoughts, words and deeds – flowed from this deep well of peace.

I can’t fully express how satisfying this moment was, but I certainly look forward to feeling serenity more and more. And the feeling part is key here. Often, emotions pass through without us really pinpointing them and experiencing them. And certainly if those emotions are negative, we resist them, sometimes trying to push them down with addictive behaviours. Because emotions can be scary.

Through six months of holistic health coaching with Arnold de Souza, I have got into the habit of noticing and examining my emotions. It’s a truly powerful (and super satisfying) practice, and just one of the life-changing habits I’ve taken away from my programme with Arnold. Holistic health coaching has changed my life in many surprising ways, so this week we wanted to explore my programme results.


Video: My Results – 6 Months of Postpartum Coaching With an IIN Holistic Health Coach

In today’s video we explore five of the principal things I achieved in six months of postpartum health coaching, with IIN health coach, Arnold de Souza.

Spoiler: one of the five things is weight loss, but if you want to know how it went from my top priority to simply a delightful fringe benefit, then press play!

Arnold is truly a world-class health coach. He’s insightful, patient and extremely knowledgable. I can’t recommend him enough!

If you’re curious about what health coaching can do for you, then sign up for a free consultation with him – there are absolutely no strings attached.

*And remember, Veggie Magnifique readers get 10% off Arnold’s programme – hooray!*

Have any questions about working with a health coach? Do let me know!

Here’s to health, happiness and serenity,

p.s. If you’re interested in becoming a health coach, watch Ann’s video all about her experience.

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