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I’ve always been into feng shui… even before I knew what it was called.

When I was a kid I used to rearrange my bedroom furniture about every six months. My parents would come home and be astounded (and possibly frightened) at my ability to move my Ethan Allen desk set, and, of course, a bit confounded as to why I’d moved everything around… again.

I don’t think I had any explanation other than, “I wanted to,” and I surely made some snarky remark about how it was my room. (I was a handful.)

Feng Shui Justified “My Crazy”

Years later my childhood redecorating tendencies all made sense when I discovered the concept of feng shui. Ah ha! There is in fact meaning and consequence of the placement of objects in one’s life and surroundings! In short, I wasn’t crazy, I was Eastern.

Nowadays, in addition to being keenly aware of how my surroundings affect me, and unabashedly into feng shui, I also have a penchant for minimalism — whittling down to the truly cherished and the utterly necessary. Now this is a process, and I’m surely not as minimalist as my partner (who has two pairs of pants and, like, four shirts,) but step by step, I’m finding my own “just right,” especially now with the help of Caroline.

Caroline from Mojo Home Gets Me

When I came across Caroline of Mojo Home, I instantly resonated with her philosophy — slow design, mindful living, and of course home optimization. Here at Veggie Magnifique, we love optimization — productivity, routines, veganism — these life-optimization-undertakings have given us unprecedented health, vitality, and peace of mind.

So I contacted Caroline because I felt that what really needed a little more optimization juju was my home. (Watch my behind-the-scenes video as Caroline helped make my tiny apartment a haven.)

Today we’re going a lil’ deeper into the why and the how of resurrecting your home space with a tête-à-tête interview with Caroline. I hope that you’ll find Caroline’s advice and wisdom as astute and helpful as I have!

(Anglophone? Click on the CC on the lower right hand side of the video to turn on our manually typed subtitles just for you.)

MOJO HOME: Talking Feng Shui, Optimization, Organization

Any broken junk infiltrating the back of your drawers and cabinets? Have some areas of your home that need optimizing? I know I certainly still have work to do, but thanks to Caroline’s help and advice, I’m well on my way to feeling freer petit à petit. If you’re ready to optimize and refresh your home or office, definitely contact the lovely Caroline. (She truly is a miracle worker.)


Show your clutter who’s boss,

P.S. If this video resonated with you, let us know in the comments below! It’s always so delightful to hear from you, dear readers.

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