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Three words that make my heart sing: Minimalism. Feng shui. Optimization.

Call me a Shintoist if you want, but I’m convinced that our surroundings affect us more than we will ever know, and that in taking care of our environment (both immediate and in the broader sense), we take care of ourselves.

The pants we leave unmended at the bottom of the drawer, the dead plants we haven’t disposed of, the unattractive fill-in-the-blank that we’ve yet to remove or replace… all these have a profound impact on our psyche, our mood, and our day-to-day lives.

It’s very “mystical and Feng Shui-y” what I’m saying, I know. But if every thing has energy (and it does,) then why wouldn’t the energy that surrounds us affect us in a profound way? And if this is so, then taking care to clean up, clear out, and optimize our homes should be of the utmost importance.

Well, it’s for this exact reason – and realization – that I called Caroline of Mojo Home.

I was feeling dissatisfied and cramped. The space in our tiny apartment was certainly blatantly unoptimized and the lack of style and comfort was startin’ to get to me. Some people are more affected than others by their immediate surroundings, and I’m one of those people.


Enter Caroline.

Basically, the moment Caroline stepped into our home, things started to shift. See, Caroline is slow design interior decorator, and home optimization coach.

She came in and listened to all my concerns and conundrums. She asked pertinent questions, and made mindful suggestions of changes that we could make right off the bat. (That guitar all zipped up in the cloth case? Wouldn’t it be happier proudly hung on the wall? Uhh… yes. Yes, indeed. Never thought of that.)

She then took photographs and measurements, and over the next few weeks, created beautiful drawings to illustrate what our space could be, with ideas for stylistic shifts and swaps that we could easily make.

She sent us links regarding different styles and methods, and always took into consideration our budget and lifestyle. For example, she suggested bringing detoxing plants into our apartment, and loaned us a book explaining all the benefits.

In short, Caroline is the house whisperer.

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Interested in feng shui, space optimization, and all things home design? We’re delighted to share with you a video we filmed with Caroline from Mojo Home, full of behind-the-scenes footage of all the fun we had, and a peek into how she works!

{This video is in French because Caroline is French, and we are in Pareee. But don’t worry if you’re anglophone, there are subtitles! Click on the CC on the lower right corner.}


Slow Design with Mojo Home | Make Your Home a Haven


In the end we couldn’t implement all of Caroline’s marvelous ideas due to the fact that we’re renting, and looking forward to moving on at some point, but the improvements that were implemented have made a world of difference in our day-to-day lives.

(Especially that rug. I love that rug.)


If you live in the Paris region and feel like your home or office could use a little sprucing up, Caroline is your girl. You’ll be amazed by how much homier your home could feel.

(Plus, stay tuned for more from Caroline in the coming weeks!)

To your wellness, inside and out,

P.S. If slow design is something that floats your boat and you enjoyed this article and video, then make sure to let us know in the comments below — we. love. comments. 🙂 

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