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Have you ever felt like you have to put on different personality masks according to who you are with? Do you often come away from social occasions feeling more depleted than uplifted?

Join the club!

I often wonder if the people around me can see my imaginary ‘Queen of Awkward-Land’ crown. Socialising has always tended to sap my energy and has generally been more trouble than it was worth because of the post-event agonising and over-analysis that would always accompany it.

But ever since I took the Myers Briggs personality test and realised that ‘awkward’ is simply part of my makeup as an INFJ, I’ve started to feel more grounded in myself, and have given up trying to pretend to be someone that I’m not. What a relief.

This test is a useful tool for gaining self knowledge, which is a prerequisite for self acceptance. (You can take the test here for free.) My health coach Arnold de Souza encouraged me to take it, because as a holistic coach, his focus is on getting to the root of why we make bad health choices when we probably know better. (Nobody’s lacking information in 2018. What we tend to lack is follow through.) Making consistently good health choices requires deep self respect. And the basis for self respect is self knowledge and self acceptance.

So, I am learning to accept my personality and find ways to drop the mask. Which saves me so much energy. As an introvert, I certainly still suffer from awkwardness in a lot of social situations, but I have stopped trying to bend my personality into what I believe others want to see. Because the truth is, they don’t. Well, if they matter, they don’t. What we’re all really looking for in this world is authentic connection. It is what feeds us, social creatures that we are. Even us tortured and introverted INFJs.

What is INFJ?

The acronym stands (somewhat confusingly) for: Introvert, Intuition, Feeling and Judgement.

The INFJ is an extremely sensitive, intuitive type who comprehends and engages with the world through feeling rather than thinking. The INFJ needs a lot of alone time to replenish his or her energy after social encounters.

Here are some common traits of INFJs:

  • Highly intuitive
  • Complex and full of contradictions
  • Artistic and creative
  • Caring
  • Quiet
  • Oversensitive
  • Private
  • Highly averse to small talk

Does this sound like you? If so, self acceptance just might be your (vegan) secret sauce too.


Video: Exploring Self Acceptance as an INFJ

*Nos amis francophones, il y a des sous-titres. Il faut cliquer sur CC.*

The Myers Briggs test is one tool among many, but I encourage you to take it. I mean, these tests are so much fun anyway, aren’t they? And you might well find that it helps you, as it has helped me, on the path of self acceptance, whatever personality type you turn out to be.


Yours in joyous awkwardness,

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2 thoughts on “My Personality Test Results: INFJ | Learning Self-Acceptance

  1. Bibi says:

    😰 OMG. Thank you so much for this video. Such wise and comforting words, Chloe. I just did the test 😨 😳 VERY enlightening…..
    PS: Your Morning Ritual Toolkit is really great!!

  2. Chloe says:

    Oh thank you so much for your comment Bibi – I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. And did the test! So so helpful, isn’t it, to realise that there are reasons that we are the way we are – with knowledge of our type we can make great leaps towards self acceptance. So super stoked that you are enjoying the morning ritual too! Lots of love to you, Chloe xxx

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