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Chloe and I often have our most powerful and profound conversations over long walks in the South of France. There’s something about the air, the green grass, and the cows… making for the best bestie bonding.

We discuss our personal conundrums, successes, and we bounce ideas off of one another. (Of course, lately we’ve also been prattling on about our capsule-wardrobes-in-the-making… but more about that later. 😉)

During one such meander of bestie brainstorming, we devised a new plan for creating more head space through heightened productivity, and today’s video is the fruit of that tête-à-tête.

Why Be More Productive?

Because you’ve got a life to live, friend.

When all is said and done, what matters most are those gentle moments of picking cherry tomatoes, baking homemade bread for your family, or having time to cuddle with your cutie. And not, I dare say, your to-do list.

And yet, as goal setting go-getters, Chloe and I often feel like we’re being pulled in multiple directions.

We’re young entrepreneurs, Chloe’s a mom, and in addition to Veggie Magnifique, we’re professional voiceover artists and musicians. We have a lot going on… and when it comes to life-work balance, we don’t always ace that test.

We’re human, and we’re busy, and we have so many things that we want to accomplish! That being said, we also know for sure that we don’t want to worry our lives away over our to-do lists. As such, being uber-productive during work time has proven to be of the essence. Without it, we tend to feel frazzled, stressed, overwhelmed and… ain’t nobody got time for that.



Chloe picking gorgeous cherry tomatoes for our countryside vegan luncheon

So that we all can be ball-bustin’ get-stuff-done-ers while also stopping to smell the roses, we’ve compiled a short video outlining the top five strategies that’ve been working for us to create balance in our lives. We may be hard workers, but we sure prioritize living and loving life above all, and the following tips help us to do just that.

We hope you enjoy!

NEW VIDEO: 5 Tips for Productivity

And, ta-da! With our tips, we know that your to-do list will be ta-done in no time! (If you want to get a head start on your productivity with a powerful morning ritual, here’s how.)

Tell us… do you use some of these strategies? Are you an old pro at batching and/or power hours? Let us know in the comments below. As always, we’re eager to hear what works for you to get $%*& done!!!

So now that this is done, I’m going out to enjoy my Friday evening. Hope you do the same, by jove.


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