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India can go from terrible to awful, and then blissful to majestic in a matter of minutes.

I.e. From cow poo, poverty, pollution… to adorable school girls with braided pigtails, and fragrant spices and incense wafting through the air.

Those gorgeous green mountains — that heinous food poisoning.

I think India may have obliterated my senses, and I’m not sure that I’ve recovered in fact.

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delhi indiaA typical little alcove in south New Delhi

India: Mixed Emotions

It’s this hodgepodge of emotions — delight and disgust — that I’m still trying to wrap my brain around. Even now as I write this (a couple weeks since returning,) I have this niggling feeling that I still don’t get it. I don’t get India. Like, I’m still gnawing on it in my brain. Of course, watching videos like this TedTalk by Devdutt Pattanaik, which explain the mythological underpinnings of why cultures behave and believe the way they do, has certainly helped.

So, for example, Indian culture is centered around cyclical views of life, like reincarnation, and non-linear and contextual thinking. Oh, and uncertainty… what Devdutt explains as this idea of “everything is relative… sort of.” This way of viewing the world and existence translates into what some would consider a disorganized, ad hoc, ambiguous, and subjective way of operating.


We’ll start at 9am. (They start at 11am.)

We usually have class at 8:30am, except when we don’t.

No, there’s no syllabus, we’ll tell you later how it’s going to go down.

Hence, Ann gets a bit exasperated.

However, also a result of cyclical, infinity-based thinking is the notion that: no “thing” lasts forever, it’s all part of a never ending cycle of birth and rebirth.

So… chill out, Ann, and go with the flow. 

pranayama meditationcreative-chair-yoga

Getting some work done for Veggie Magnifique. Sometimes you’ve got to get creative. 🙂

Going With the Flow

So India was, above all, an exercise in “going with the flow.” Now, I’ll be honest with you… this is not my strong suit. I’m a planner, and I do enjoy having a modicum of information about what is going to happen the next day, week, or even, month to come. And in India, that’s just not possible… at least not in my minimal experience, and at my yoga teacher training.

Now, let me take a moment to say that I really appreciated my trip to India. The lovely and wonderful people I met, the “enriching” challenges that I faced, the delicious vegan food, the adventures…  all have changed me forever. I will never forget the adorable little veggie cafe we found nearby the school in Rishikesh with the 4-year-old who practically ran the place, the amazing and flexible yoga instructors, or the wild rides on the back of a scooter through the crowded and chaotic streets. It was a total trip.

So here’s a little glimpse into my month of August…

New Video: Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

This is the school I attended in Rishikesh. I would recommend it wholeheartedly as long as you’re okay with “going with the flow.” It’s India, so don’t expect anything posh or fancy. Does the ceiling leak during the rainy season? Of course. Are the beds mostly hard? Yes. But the teachers are, for the most part, excellent, and the food is delicious and healthy, and very vegan friendly. Remember: whereabouts in the world you decide to do a yoga teacher training will largely affect your day-to-day experience.


The truth is… I’m still processing.

I feel like personal growth is similar to bowling… like when you get two strikes in a row and you have to wait a bit to see how it all adds up.

So, I’ll let you know what comes up for me in the next few months. But in the meantime, talk to me. Have you been to India? Do you relate to how I’m feeling? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, it turns out… unlike the French, Indians are huggers like Americans, so, in apropos-ness:

Hugs to you, dear readers,

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4 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training | India

    1. Ann says:

      Thanks so much! What an adventure! 🙂

  1. Amanda Carson says:

    Ann – as always, I appreciate your honest insight so much, since our days of being old-fashioned pen pals 🙂 One of my favorite aspects of the work that you and Chloe do is that you are REAL HUMANS who are humble, reflective, and you say things that are, honestly, unexpected at times because sometimes the world of “healthy living” is so positive that if the student/reader/learner is struggling, we may feel like we are failing because those who are guiding us seem so perfect. While both of you are beautiful and accomplished, you are also unafraid to expose your flaws and disappointments, your confusing moments and your constant gratitude for those who teach you. This makes your numerous successes all the more exciting for those of us rooting for you and learning from you. I appreciate your reflections on your time in India. Your descriptions of wrestling with what it means to feel both “disgust and delight” makes your journey so much more relatable and real to me. Thank you for sharing, and I’m excited for you to continue to grow and discover based on your experience!

  2. Ann says:

    Amanda — This comment is worthy of being framed and put on my desk for the moments when I’m overwhelmed or stressed. (In fact, I think I will print it right now.) Thank you so much for the love, kindness, and this feedback. I got teary eyed, actually, while reading your comment… because this… this is what we’re trying to do. Your comment vindicates the whole Veggie Magnifique undertaking. We want to inspire and uplift, and, we think, that that happens by being *real* and honest and vulnerable. Both Chloe and I, too, can get overwhelmed by all the “glossy perfection” out there… it does seem unattainable and frankly, can be downright depressing. (How can you measure up?) So thank you, thank you, for your support and vote of confidence. I can’t tell you what it means to me, and to Chloe, too. Much love to you. xo Ann

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