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As unconsumeristic as we may try to be, the holidays can be financially challenging — even for the minimalists.

Those squats you said you’d do to prepare for holiday indulgence? Instead it’s your credit card who’s getting the workout.

Presents for the fambam, friends, colleagues… holiday travel, and extraneous mundaneries like wrapping paper, scotch tape, and postage. It just all adds up!

So since generosity abounds this time of year (and thank God), we have a financial fix for you! Or, at least… an answer for Marie whose question we answer in today’s video: Is it more expensive to eat a vegan diet?

It turns out, by adopting a vegan diet, you can save loads of money — not to mention resurrect your health. But, of course, as with all things, you need a strategy. See below…

Q&A – Is Being Vegan Expensive?

Speaking of saving money… if you haven’t already (and you like to live on the edge — i.e. you still haven’t finished your gift-getting,) please check out our video on Vegan and Eco Gifts where we talk a lot about inexpensive and/or non-thing gifts.

Remember, if you have a burning question for us, don’t hesitate to tweet us @VegMagnifique, or leave one below. We’d be delighted to hear from you, and it may end up in a future video!

And, hey…

Merry Christmas from Veggie Magnifique!

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