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{ Superfoods } Moringa | Ann’s on Korean TV!



moringa interview in paris with Ann Christine

This may be as close as I’ll ever come to being a K-pop star, and I’m aware of it, so thanks for indulging me as I relish in my 15 minutes of fame on Korean TV. 😂

What’s the story here, Ann?

Last month a Korean film crew came to Paris to do a feature story all about moringa. Since over the years Chloe and I have made our adoration for this fine superfood quite clear, suddenly I found myself  being followed around by a film crew.

Now, I was supposed to only share a couple moringa recipes. However, after they did this blood pressure test on me on a whim and I scored rather well, they seem keenly interested in all of my habits. And hence, they cajoled me into standing on a scale, and agreeing to have them film me at Jardin de Luxembourg doing complicated yogic postures, and giving them lectures on my life philosophy. Haha!

Sadly though, as you’ll see in video, they conveniently edited out all the parts where I talked about the power of a whole food plant based diet being one of the primary keys to health…. because, hey, you can’t really bottle and sell that, but you can sell a green powder. *rolls eyes* So, alas, the show isn’t as powerful as I had hoped it would be, but I am no stranger to TV and the heavy hand of editors, and content red tape.

A word about moringa, rrrrreal quicklike…

Moringa – The Superduper Superfood

Moringa is truly one of my favorite superfoods because it packs such a nutritional punch and it’s fairly mild in flavor. Unlike, spirulina for example, which I find slightly gaggy, moringa tastes more like grass and less like the sea. Score!

Time for some bullet points. Moringa has:

  • 17x more calcium than yogurt
  • 1.5x more protein than cow (eww)
  • 4x more potassium than a banana
  • 6x more fiber than figs
  • 6x more iron than spinach
  • 4x more magnesium than chocolate
  • 2x more vitamin A than carrots


So let’s watch some K-TV!


NEW VIDEO: What’s Moringa? | Ann’s on Korean TV!

Note: I STILL haven’t found a Korean to tell me what the VO is saying during the show part, so if you know someone who could help a sister out, please let me know!

{Mentioned in the video: Moringa & Co.}


So there you have it – the superfood that has our Korean friends giddy with delight! If you’re looking to boost your calcium, iron, protein, magnesium, vitamin A & C, etc., definitely try this magic green powder! (A few of our favorite moringa recipes: creamy avocado moringa bowl, matcha-moringa chia pudding, moringa superfood bars.)


Here’s to getting those greens in! 🌿

Have a lovely weekend, friends,

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