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Lately, I’ve been becoming acutely more aware of the passage of time.

I have my nephew, Bébé Magnifique, to thank for this because every time I see him (i.e. often) he’s gotten bigger and has a newfound ability. Witnessing babies grow is perhaps the most palpable way to realize just how quickly the sand is dropping in the hourglass of our lives, and invites us to pause for a moment to reflect.

Time does indeed fly when you’re havin’ fun.


Today’s video is also an example of the passage of time.

We sought to create a sort of “who are we” video, resulting is many moments of reflection of how far we’ve come, and all the wonderful experiences we’ve had over the past more-than-three years. We are profoundly grateful for Veggie Magnifique, and this video was a brilliant reminder for us of why we do what we do.

Meet Ann & Chloe and By Blanch, too!

As you may know, one of our goals at Veggie Magnifique is to show you that you don’t have to wear, use, or eat animals to live a fabulous and fulfilling life. There are other options, and they’re awesome to boot. So we’ve partnered with the ethical, vegan shoe brand By Blanch for the creation of today’s video.

Today we wanted to share a bit more about us as people, and what we’re about. It’s a sort of “sizzle reel” from the past few years with, per usual, Parisian frolicking and tea drinking.

So without further ado, let’s frolic…

NEW VIDEO: Meet Ann & Chloe | Veggie Magnifique | By Blanch

(Cliquez sur le CC à droite pour activer les sous-titres, hein ?)

We hope you enjoyed this romp through Paris and memory lane with us, and also appreciated getting to know us a little better. Let this be the beginning of a conversation! Leave us a little note in the comments below to let us know you stopped by!


With gratitude and peppermint hot chocolates,

P.S. See you this Sunday in Lille! veggie world lille veggie magnifique

{Featured image by the fabulous Katie Donnelly.}

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