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As many of you know, we recently graced the stage of the large conference room at Veggie World – Paris. In addition to it being a total hoot, we also made new friends, connected with our amazing colleagues in the vegan community, and tried some toothsome new vegan cheeses.

(If you’re unfamiliar with this amazing weekend festival of veggie and progress, check out our video from last years shenanigans.)

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 (No wise cracks on the crown, please. I thought it was cute.)

We were so delighted to be asked to present at Veggie World, and knew it warranted something extra special, like… ? Rainbow sushi! ? A.k.a.: How to throw together a colorful, scrumptious, and nutritious meal in 20 minutes flat, while impressing your kids/husband/wife/roommate.

Now, I wouldn’t say that we were the most graceful of the presenters present, however, we certainly had a rollicking good time, and… gave our sign language interpreters a major run for their money.

So here it is close up — how to make rainbow sushi, plus snippets from our *posh voice* “culinary demonstration.”

VIDEO: Vegan Rainbow Sushi + Veggie World Adventures

A huge, heartfelt merci to all our friends and magnifique fans who came out for our presentation and made the day even brighter. (A special thanks to sister Silvie for filming, so that we could share a bit of the happy gastronomical goofery with all of you!)

And now for all the details…


Vegan Rainbow Sushi

This recipe is certainly not complicated and scientific. Use the veggies you like, omit the ones you don't like. Not a fan of turmeric powder? Put less, or none at all. Feel free to make this your own.

Prep time

20 min.

Cook time

0 min.

Total time

20 min.

  • Some cooked brown rice (We use the round kind, but the long grain, though not ideal, will work.)
  • A dab of rice vinegar (or just a dab of the normal stuff)
  • A squirt of coconut syrup (or agave syrup)
  • Nori seaweed sheets for rolling your sushi
  • A sprinkling of sesame seeds
  • A smear of umeboshi plum paste (if you’re feeling fan-say)
  • Beet juice from the cooked beet package (or just mix up some beets with the rice, that works, too.)
  • Tsp. of matcha powder (or moringa powder for extra points)
  • 1/2 tsp. of turmeric powder (depending on how much rice you have and your tolerance for turmeric)
  • A bunch of julienned (or thinly sliced) rainbow veggies
  1. Make your brown rice. (Err on the side of sticky, eh?) And, ideally, let it cool.
  2. Mix in a dab of rice vinegar, and a squirt of coconut or agave syrup.
  3. Slice or julienne (if you’re legit like that) your veggies. We highly recommend you use avocado because… avocado.
  4. Separate rice into three bowls. Add a dab of beet juice to the first bowl, matcha to the second bowl, and turmeric to the third bowl.
  5. Place the nori sheet shiny side down and start thinly spreading your rainbow rice into three rows, as shown in the video. We like using a rice paddle for this — do what works for you. (One could use their hands, in fact.)
  6. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the rice and add a smearing of umeboshi if you have some on hand.
  7. Put the veggies carefully in the center. (Don’t go crazy here otherwise rolling it up will be difficult.)
  8. Roll it up carefully and firmly, and then, if you have one, squeeze it with a bamboo mat or other similar mat-ish object you have hanging around.
  9. Seal the deal with some water on your finger along the edge of the nori.
  10. Cut your sushi with a sharp or serrated knife (sharp!!! Lest you end up with squashed sushi.) Wipe your knife with a towel after EVERY slice, you hear?
  11. Arrange beautifully, and enjoy with some tamari soy sauce or any other sauce that floats your boat. If you have some wasabi it’ll be even better. 
Notes & Tips

Remember… if you fail with this whole ordeal, throw it all in a bowl, snap a photo, and “#buddhabowl” that bad boy for Instagram. No one’ll judge.

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Is there a recipe you’d love to see us veganize? Let us know in the comments below!

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