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chloe and ann veggie world entrance

One of our favorite things to do is give presentations — we love public speaking, frolicking around on stage, and sharing yummy recipes with crowds…

(Speaking of… if you are interested in coming to our October Italian cooking class next week at 5 Lorette, we have a few spots, but you better rally, and fast!)

So this past weekend, we were delighted to have the opportunity to present once again with our friends from Moringa & Co. — zee best provider of the world’s near-secret superfood, moringa — at Veggie World!

moringa presentation chia pudding


Our mission: Teach an amphitheater full of people how to make our delicious Matcha-Moringa Chia Pudding. Anyway, hilarity ensued, we made friends with our sign-language translator, and afterward, we also took it upon ourselves to film our adventures at Veggie World so that if you didn’t get a chance to visit this amazing expo, (or if you live abroad) you could enjoy a slice of the vegan pie, so to speak.

We had a total ball checking out all the eco, organic, and cruelty-free goods, and enjoying some mad-good eats in the process. (Seaweed burger, anyone?)


picture of the dutch weed burger

Trying on a super warm jacket made of organic hemp from Terre de Chanvre. Cozy!

Here’s our film of the whole veggie bonanza! Lots of gratitude to our friends and partners, Moringa & Co., Ecomil, and Rrraw! (Thanks to our brilliant filmmaker, Arnold de Souza.)



Mission accomplished! Time for a well-deserved nap, 🙂

Bon week-end,

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One thought on “Veggie World!

  1. Liz Strand says:

    Fun to watch….well filmed, AdS! ? Glad VM is getting such good exposure!
    If I may give feedback on how my iPhone 5 shows the subtitles….I have to strain to make out the words as the Font is either too small or too faded for me. It wd prob be fine on my iPad mini or iMac at home, but alas I don’t have wifi here in rehab! Hope this helps! Offered in love! ❤️

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