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My parents just moved.

And as I was visiting them over the summer, I spent hours and hours going through box after box, all from the past. Discarding, recycling, and above all… remembering.

Bloody taxing, really.

Polaroids from junior high, old report cards, my lipsmackers chapstick collection, college graduation invites, notes from friends folded in complicated origami, hemp necklaces, my sequined dance outfits, tap shoes, etc…

Though, isolatedly, each item may warm my heart in a certain way, collectively, all these things mean baggage — and, for me, in more ways then one, e.g.:

Do I want to bring this in my suitcase with me? Is this going to fit in my extremely small Parisian apt.?

Often the answer is no.

I must choose freedom over sentimentality. As I learn and grow, it just seems that too much sentimentality keeps you stuck — clinging to the past. And, really, do we actually need all this stuff now? And how much from our past is even healthy to hold on to anyway?

Look, I’m not saying I’m not sentimental — I am. But I’m striving to move forward.

So what does all this have to do with What’s in my Vegan Bag?

Well, a lot.

As I move forward, I’m on a mission to be a conscious consumer. I lead a vegan lifestyle now. And, plus after wading through all these trinkets and tokens of my childhood, I realize just how burdensome, not to mention energetically complicated, having too much stuff can be. In short, I want my possessions to reflect the kind of lifestyle I choose to live now, and I want fewer of them.

So I love that my handbag, and what’s in it, is more in line with my values.

I love that it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and more sustainable. It feels great. Coherent. Kind. And I love that I’m supporting companies that are choosing to do the right thing, and take the road less traveled, for the benefit of all.

Look, I’m not perfect… It’s certainly near impossible to be “perfect” about your consumption, but maybe that’s not the point. Perhaps the idea is to make the best decisions that we can every day, and always have a thought for those with whom we share the planet, as well.

So, yes, I own more items than the capsule-wardrobe-way-advanced-minimalists, but I’m joyfully working toward a happy balance of just enough, and just “right.” And, one by one, as I replace my old objects with ones from sustainable and vegan companies, I feel better and better. Lighter and prouder.


Ann with her vegan bag and smoothie

{In Seattle with my Gunas handbag for a green smoothie with my Mama Magnifique.}

Besides, nice and easy does it.

I’m not sure if chucking everything you have all at once is even sustainable. It takes time to responsibly “get rid” of the old. I think a gradual awakening to conscious consumerism, and a gentle and continuous purging — out with the old, in with the new — may be the best approach. After all, vegan and eco-goods aren’t always cheap either.

So here’s our latest video, the YouTube tag, “What’s in My Bag” with a vegan twist. Hope you enjoy delving into my world of purse organization. 🙂


Both Chloe and I love our Gunas handbags — and we sleep well at night knowing that they’re sweat-shop free, animal friendly and eco-conscious. Plus the hardware is made with recycled metals, and plated in 24-carat gold… yeah, they’re that cool.

So, to thank you all for being a part of Magnifique journey, we have a special treat for you. Gunas was adorable enough to offer our readers and viewers a 15% discount on their products. Just enter the code: MAGNIFIQUE15


To your journey,

P.S. Question of the day: In the comments below, let me know what are your fave handbag essentials! We’d love to know!

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