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Ahhh, the wedding dress…

The gown that girls dream about since the moment they see a Disney princess in one at, like, age 6.

When I got engaged, I’d love to pretend that I was different… Annie Antiestablishment and all. But I wasn’t. Let’s be honest. I couldn’t WAIT to be married, and white’s one of my best colors… so I’d had ideas for years. Of course, in the end though, most of the ideas I’d had were totally off, because once a dress is on, it’s a totally different story. (For example, turns out I don’t like lace. Why is there an inordinate amount of lace errrrywhere on wedding gowns? Tell me. Tell me.)

I tried on many, many wedding dresses at several different boutiques all over Paris. I went to the posh ones, the bargain-hunter ones, and everything in between… and nothing was doin’ the trick. There was no magic, there was no “aha!” I started to get a bit desperate, actually. See, unlike many year-long engagements, ours was a scant six month-er, and many dresses take months to be sewn. Not only am I painfully particular (just ask my husband,) but I was also looking for a vegan gown. So no silk, anywhere.

I wanted something simple but special, and ethical/slow fashion if possible. Is that too much to ask?! And, oh, can we just talk about something real quick? Dude, wedding dresses can also get rrruhl expensive. Like, I’m kinda disturbed about it. It just makes me feel like we’re all being conned big time by the nuptial industry. A dress that’ll be worn once can cost more than a car. Come on.

But, thankfully, there are shops who care and who are down-to-earth about the whole thing, and who get that, unlike rom-coms, it’s not all over after the wedding scene. There are shops that carry beautiful, quality gowns that don’t cost a veritable fortune. Because as fabulous as having a magnificent dress is, if it puts us in debt, maybe our priorities need a lil’ shifting. It is a special moment calling for a special dress, indeed, but we need a little realistic-ness in the whole equation, lest we regret it later when we’re subsisting on a diet of saltines.

So let’s talk about one those lovely shops, where I found my perfect dress, shall we?


Plume Paris – A Parisian Bride’s Dream

I found my dress at Plume. Nestled in a gorgeous corner of Montmartre, Plume is the perfect little wedding dress shop: cozy, abundant, aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, and relaxed. Owner Julie Méli really takes pride in her work, and it shows. 

When I entered Plume for my try-on appointment, the wide array of vintage, classic, and out-of-the-ordinary international gowns gave me goosebumps. Plus, Julie makes an effort to carry a range of different price points in her shop, as well as some smaller, more ethical brands.

As strange as it sounds, something told me when I walked into that shop that I had come to end of my search. See, unlike the many other fittings I’d done elsewhere, I felt calm. I wasn’t nervous like I had been when I went to one shop to try on way-too-expensive dresses just to get an idea. I wasn’t overwhelmed like I had been in a tiny curtained off corner at another shop, when the saleswoman insisted on shoving 3-inch thick padded cups under my breasts for every dress. Oh wow, um, no, no, that’s um… not what I’m going for… 

No. At Plume, I was relaxed. It was calm, small… it was boutique in every sense of the word. Julie spent time with me, listened to my likes/dislikes, and didn’t pull any false dramatics. When we ended up finding the one – which did come with a silk belt – Julie assured me that she could find me a vegan one instead.

I’m delighted to share today’s video with you, made by the talented David Desgardin. It is incredibly special to me, personally, as it’s my final fitting, and the big reveal for my maid of hono(u)r, Chloe, and my dear friend Claire-Sophie.  I’ll always have this video to remind me of the magic of this dress, and this “pivotal moment” in my life. I really do hope you enjoy.

NEW VIDEO: Vegan Wedding: The Dress | Plume Paris

{Make sure to click on the CC for subtitles on the right bottom of the video because there’s a lot of French in this one.}

{My dress is a handmade gown from Truvelle, a young brand in Vancouver, Canada.}


Definitely check out Plume Paris if you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind gown for your special day.

1 rue Armand Gauthier,
75018 Paris
+33 9 54 14 61 13


For those of you who’ve already had your “special day,” I’d love to hear from you. What was your dress like? How did you find it? And for those of you who still await the wedding bells, I hope this “vegan wedding series” is going to be helpful for you!


Sending love from Bali – more about that later, 🙂

{Featured images of dress: Eva Sica of AveSol Photography.}

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Wedding: The Dress!

  1. Barbara Boustani says:

    Photos from the wedding? Not on the blog necessarily, of course, but somewhere, somehow?
    I had the same démarche (in 2011) I found a vintage evening gown in a thrift store in Plymouth;Ma, not originally a wedding gown, and had it re-tailored by a stylist friend to puff up the bottom and fit my tiny height. It’s amazing what you can find. What a great address to know about in Paris- for when I celebrate my 50th anniversary and renew our vows, lol!

  2. SONIA LISETTE says:

    Stunning!! xo

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