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I love to support young brands and businesses. Together we rise, right?

I know as well as these young creators and entrepreneurs that it takes courage and commitment to get a business idea off the ground.

Furthermore, I especially love supporting the ones who are choosing to do things differently… because I think we all can agree it was never more pressing that we give thought to our impact on the planet every cent we spend. Mindful shopping, if you will.

So it makes sense, then, that when the time came to figure out what I would wear for my wedding, I sought to support these smaller, more responsible brands. (Here’s my dress if you haven’t seen it yet!)

Manifeste 011 – Responsible Shopping

Where do we find these brands? If you’re in Paris, you head to Manifeste 011. Maud, and her twin sister Judith, started this eco-responsible and vegan fashion boutique a year and a half ago. They sought to provide mindful shoppers with high-fashion, quality pieces, and they carry local brands, instead of faraway ones. Manifeste 011 is a treasure trove of awesome, and what a joy to be able to try things on! (And not just click, add to cart, and pray it fits you.)

Minuit Sur Terre

One young brand doing remarkable things is Minuit Sur Terre. (Translates as “midnight on earth” in English.) 20-something française, Marie, started Minuit Sur Terre because, when she was a new vegan looking to get some rockin’ new non-leather kicks, she just couldn’t find styles that she liked that were vegan and responsibly made. So she decided to take matters into her own hands…. Minuit Sur Terre was born! But it’s not just any ol’ “baby…”

Minuit Sur Terre is European-made. Her luxury leather-like material (that uses grains) is from Italy, and all her shoes and accessories are thoughtfully handmade in Portugal. She does four new collections per year, but in small quantities, keeping things fresh and ephemeral.

So, you guessed it! My sandals are from this lovely, young brand.



My sistas getting me ready to walk down the aisle. 

Why Sandals?

So, why am I wearing sandals instead of some foxy slinky wedding heels?

Well, a few reasons:
– Beach wedding!
– Long dress (why suffer if you can’t see them?)
– I’m tall. If I were to have worn heels, I would’ve towered over my fetching groom.

I’m thrilled to share with you my visit to Manifeste 011, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. It’s a haven of feel good — both inside and out. Look stylish, but know that you’re supporting ethical companies and saving animals and their body parts. Hooray!

New Video: Vegan Wedding: The Shoes!

Plus, I also love that my wedding shoes are coming with me, so to speak. That is… I wore them for our wedding ceremony, and I’ve been wearing them since. It seems like the right and sustainable thing to do!

If you’re in Paris, don’t forget to swing by to see Maud and Judith!

Manifeste 011
14 rue Jean Macé
Tues-Fri: 11am- 7:30pm
Sat.: 11am-7pm


What do you guys think? Any other vegan wedding content you’d be interested in? I’m all ears.

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