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I often find inspiration in yoga class. This weekend was no different.

“Be grateful for your angels pushing your buttons,” the instructor suddenly proclaimed as we contorted ourselves into an especially challenging posture, “to remind you that you have buttons.”

As if I needed reminding.

I’m fully aware of my buttons, and they almost all come from one source: technology.

Chloe and I have to spend a lot of time on our computers these days because, obviously, we’re bloggers and YouTubers. It’s ‘par for the course,’ I know… but sometimes I feel like I’m a quintuple bogey in this department.

For example, I recently updated my iPhone. After which my computer refused, and still refuses, to “communicate” with my iPhone, making syncing my devices “virtually” impossible, due to my computer’s ancient (in the tech world) operating system. So my phone is entirely out of storage space because I can’t upload all of my phone’s data to my computer, and therefore I have no space to even take pictures … something I need to do for the blog… and social media and…. *exasperation*!

Conclusion: Sometimes you need to tell your computer to bug off and go bake a cake.

I think that’s why I like to cook so much… because, in a way, I’m still working and researching for the blog, but I’m NOT looking at a screen or lost in virtual-landia. I’m mixing batter, and pinching salt, and cutting apples, using my hands… having a real sensorial experience with life and creating a concrete and edible outcome.

In short, my spoon always communicates with my mixing bowl.

Ahhh… the joys of the real undigital world.

Furthermore, sometimes the kitchen isn’t far enough from our devices, and it’s time to head outta dodge and not bring the said evil (out of date) laptop with us.

As such, my love and I recently took a weekend en amoureux in Amsterdam. Largely technology-free, and therefore fancy-free!


Amsterdam is incredibly charming with its gabled façades and canals everywhere. It’s perfect for strolling and biking… if the weather permits. Of course we had massive wind, rain, and hail, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. (Just meant more tea times. 😀 )

And though I took the weekend off, technically, that didn’t mean I wasn’t doing research for you, dear readers! I ate every vegan yummy I could get my hands on! (I take research seriously, people.)

Of course, we’ll have to return to Amsterdam soon because there are still many many places left to explore.

So without further ado, here’s my list of places to hit up if you’re ever in Amsterdam.


Veggie & Healthy Hotspots in Amsterdam

vinnies in amsterdam

Pumpkin hummus from Vinnies with roasted pumpkin seeds? There are no words…


(They didn’t put an apostrophe — grammar cognitive dissonance, but I’m respecting their choice.) So, Vinnies is a lovely little spot for overnight oats, pumpkin hummus tartines, and a ginger-lemon infusion. It’s not a veggie place per se, but there are some yummy vegan dishes and our Australian waitress was totally privy to what could be de-dairified and what couldn’t be. Definitely try the pumpkin tartines.


amsterdam lavinia good food amsterdam

The adorable decor at Lavinia’s made me want to curl up and stay all day.


What time is it? Tea time of course. Matcha latte time. 

Lavinia Good Food

We brunched at Lavinia (Kerkstraat) with some friends, and we were all instantly smitten with its cozy and cute decor, and creative, largely veggie dishes. (Again, not all, but many… and there were raw vegan cakes and vegan brownies. YES!)  I recommend the coconut matcha latte, and the raw vegan peanut bar cake.

Svaha Yoga

We even did Dutch yoga! It was the day we arrived, actually. The truth is, after getting up at 4 am to catch our insanely early flight, by the time we got to Amsterdam my bearded companion and I were totally exhausted. After attempting to take turns napping at Vinnies without looking homeless, we decided the most acceptable and accessible way to get some shuteye was going to be during savasana on a yoga mat. So we found a lovely vinyasa yoga studio, Svaha Yoga, in the Jordaan neighborhood, and took a class with Afke. Afterward, we were properly pepped up, and ready for more food.  So we went to…

vegan store vegabond amsterdam

The vegan shop had oodles of amazing products including Bragg’s ACV.


Vegan pesto ricotta tartine with arugula — holy yum.

vegabond cupcake amsterdam

Delish vegan waffle cupcake at Vegabond.

Vegabond Cafe & Shop

Our favorite find was Vegabond Cafe in the Centrum district. Part vegan grocery store, part vegan bakery and cafe, this place became our Amsterdam quartier général for the weekend. (In the span of a few days, we went there twice.) After two incredibly “cheezy” tartines, plus tea and cakes, we were ready to take on the world! Or at least the grocery section of the shop, where we got some coconut yogurt and a delicious ginger cake for breakfast the next morning at our AirBnb. (YUM.)

autumn leave amsterdam

Yellow canal caused by gorgeous autumn leaves.

Places to Try Next Time

Sadly we didn’t get to visit every spot on our list. Such is quick weekend travel. So, next time we’ll be trying:

One curious thing about Amsterdam that I had to get used to… I kept seeing “Coffee Shop” on businesses and thinking it was a purveyor of coffee, tea, and sweets, but… no. It’s the name they use for many weed houses. I almost walked into one and as soon I realized what it was, I ran out lickety split. (Not my thing.)


So, readers, have you been to Amsterdam? What are some of your favorite places? Would love your recommendations! Until next time…

Tot ziens,

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