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Vegan and Eco-friendly presents

Among the many things currently on your mind, one of them may not be the new Disney movie, Moana.

(But, give it a thought, it’s fantastic.)

No. Your thoughts are most likely revolving around the 5 million things you have to do before Christmas.

And me, too. (Of course, I’m also thinking about the Disney movie… so delightful. Anyway.)

And though I’m managing to get some yoga and/or meditation in most mornings before my day scurrying around begins, I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed by the deluge of to-dos.

Presents to buy and send. Workshops to plan. Travels to prepare for. Holiday soirées that keep popping out of the woodwork. Oh, and plus work…

So today, in an effort to hopefully ease some of your holiday frazzlement, we offer you some clever, eco, minimalistic, and cruelty-free gift ideas. Not that the following video is going to solve all your holiday conundrums and get-dones, but we hope that this list of gift ideas will inspire you to think outside the box, and make this season a bit less frantic.


Vegan & Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide


How’s about a chinwag in the comments below about your fave vegan and eco-friendly gifts? (Chloe pulls out the best expressions — see video.)

Here’s to holiday calm,

P.S. Need a bigger dose of calm? Chloe recorded a fan-tastic meditation that’ll have you Omming in no time.

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