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{ Hygge } Creating a Cozy Cocoon at Home




“Are you relishing it yet?”

A little voice whispered in my head the other day as I sat on the couch, tea in hand. Homebody that I am, my answer to myself was a resounding “Yes. Yes, I am relishing this moment of seclusion.” Look, I’m not a hermit, but man… does it ever feel good to savor the joy of cocooning without an iota of guilt.

Chloe and I were talking the other day about the absence of FOMO – i.e. the buzzword meaning the fear of missing out. Well… we weren’t really talking, were we? We’re thousands of miles apart these days. *sad face* No, she was sending me a Marco Polo message, and tears were running down my face. Missing my bestie, missing my adopted “motherland”… missing everything perhaps, except missing out. 

It’s incredible. No one has FOMO these days. There are no parties we’re supposed to be attending, meetings to prepare for, or networking events at which we should be schmoozing. (Oh wait… I left L.A. almost a decade ago, I don’t have to schmooze anymore. HALLELUJAH! But I digress…) No. We are all officially rain-checking. And for those of us who are incorrigible homebodies, this moment of imposed retreat and uncanny calm is indeed very vindicating.

Of course, the newest iteration of this trendy concept is JOMO – you guessed it, the joy of missing out. But this practice takes serious inner work to acquire, as we effectively have to undo the serious web of “I shoulds” our ego has been weaving for years. I guess our moving to New England proves that I’m making a bit of progress in this department. I’m nowhere scene-y, and… I kinda love it.

Today I wanted to share some ways to create of your quarantine a cozy cocoon, so that you can JOMO it out. And yes, I’m whipping out another buzzword of our time – #hygge, and things are about to go Danish. 

Creating a Cozy Cocoon at Home | Social Distancing

{Some of my fave baking recipes: Sesame Cookies, Devonshire Coconut Chews, Minimalist Baker’s chocolate cake.)


How are you feeling about this whole “social distancing” thing? Are you relishing?

In any case, don’t be distant, reader. Leave me a loving comment below. I’ll answer you from my couch as my tangerine-scented candle burns brightly on my coffee table.

P.S. For those of you who are still working, thank you. Me too. As an entrepreneur (with myriad side jobs,) my work never stops. I just already spend half my time at home, and now feel a bit more solidarity… for better or for worse.

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One thought on “Creating a Cozy Cocoon at Home

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I also love the YouTube fireplaces! I often put that on while reading, especially on colder days.

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