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I gotta be honest… I do miss Paris.

I felt more at home in Paris than anywhere I’ve ever lived. Even where I grew up just never felt like home, or a place of belonging. I felt foreign. Strange, even.

But, oh, Paris… Paris fit.

In Paris you’re encouraged to soak up life. You’re encouraged to take time for contemplation, to relish in the beauty of art, to insist on leisurely meals and strolls, and… excellent bread. (Can’t forget the bread.)

In Paris, you’re called to have work-life balance and good food. You’re summoned to be your own quirky self, and find your tribe while you’re at it. In Paris I found my soul sister of a city, and a rhythm that beat with my own heart. Until, of course… it didn’t.

Listen, Paris was perfect until 2015 when things started to shift in our fair city. And then, as time rolled on, Paris and its policies, continued to shift and evolve, as did my own desires. Places, just like people, are characterized by impermanence. And after all, life is inherently fleeting, and often fickle.

I just thought I ought to be frank here, because many people have asked me if I miss Paris. So, in a word, yes. But maybe I miss the romanticized version of Paris that I wish existed, more than I do the current edition. And do I want to move back? No. Not at this time.

Here’s how I see it… at the risk of sounding trite, Paris might forever feel like my “home town” – at least, the old Paris – and home to many of my dearest friends, but I’ll not shirk in the face of new challenges, new places, and the splendor of new beginnings.

And, sure, there are days when I have my doubts… but new places never have the depth of time and experience on their side when compared with old familiar places. (And we must be fair.)

So, how’s New England?

New England is lovely. We’re starting to have delightfully balmy days, and sunny skies. Though, at the moment with my husband’s green card situation, and my current workload, we haven’t had that much time to enjoy its pleasures, but we will. So much to explore, and so much life ahead. (Cue: The Carpenters.)

Paris Visit à la Rapide

So speaking of Paris… on our way from Thailand to the States this past November, we visited Paris for, like, two seconds. It was quick – as this video will be – but I hope you’ll enjoy seeing some of the more new-ish vegan spots in Paris that we popped in to visit and enjoy.

Of course the real beauty of Paris these days is the abundance of choice you have when it comes to eating plants of all persuasions. It was so difficult to chose where we would go with our limited time!

New Video: Vegan Weekend in Paris | Travel Vlog

{Featured in the video: Cantine Primeur, Les Petites Patisseries Raw & Vegan, BrEAThe, Aujourd’hui Demain, The Friendly Kitchen. + Kedelaï Tempeh! }


Hope you enjoy this lil’ frolic in the city of light eating. Well… karmically light you could say. 😉 Have you been to these spots, readers? Which one’s your favorite? I know there are so many, many more delectable plant-based eateries in Paris these days, but the rest will be for our next visit to my ol’ “home town.”

‘Til next time, I’ll let you ponder that whip cream, and, maybe, the fickle hand of fate,

{Featured image by ZenChef}

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Weekend in Paris + The Friendly Kitchen

  1. Amanda says:

    Everything made my mouth water! Also my favorite part…”I’m havin’ a moment!” Hahaha. So delicious.

  2. Ann says:

    Heeeeee! Thanks, Amanda! Haha, I totally was! 😋So many yummy (veg) places in Paris these days. It’s amazing.

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