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We have a fun surprise for you today: a one-off video ode to the city of lights and to the joys of pregnancy, created by film maker-extraordinaire, David Desgardin.

It started with my desire to create a capsule maternity wardrobe. As an aspiring minimalist, I was loath to buy a whole new wardrobe for just a few months of wear during the later stages of pregnancy. So I googled “eco maternity wear” in the hopes of finding a few quality pieces that would see me through this period, and perhaps even beyond.

I lucked out, because I found brands Tiffany Rose and Boob Design.

These brands are high quality, eco-responsible, and practical. The few choice pieces I have from them have proven so versatile that I’ve been able to make up my capsule maternity wardrobe with pretty much just the clothes you see here. They’ve held up to daily wear, and heaven knows I’ve been putting them to the test! I feel great knowing that these clothes are ethically and sustainably made. Also, they’re such good quality that I can count on them seeing me through future pregnancies… because you never know. 😉

And because Paris is looking her best at the moment, all flowers and sunshine, we decided to showcase my eco maternity wear in this special video très parisien – check it out below!


Tiffany Rose – Classic British Quality

eco maternity fashion tiffany rose‘Willow’ dress – Tiffany Rose


Tiffany Rose is a fabulous maternity brand specialising in well-cut, feminine dresses. They use only high quality materials, and every dress is lovingly made in Great Britain by small, family-run manufacturers. You can see and feel the quality of their products straight away – i.e. they’re weighty and they’re lined. I’m totally in love with these dresses, and like to think I’ll still be able to wear them when I’m no longer pregnant – we shall see.

One of the dresses (the Naomi) is specifically designed for breastfeeding. You simply undo the tie at the back for instant (and discreet) milk access. Handy!


Boob – Eco-Friendly Scandinavian Designs

eco maternity wear boob design‘Once-On-Never-Off’ skirt – Boob Design
Shirt – thrifted
‘Naomi’ bag – Gunas NY


Boob Design is an eco-friendly maternity brand based in Sweden. Their designs are simple, comfortable, and practical. I’ve been quite literally living in their aptly-named ‘Once-On-Never-Off’ trousers. The comfy ‘Flatter Me’ top is designed to accommodate a preggo belly, but also has a handy slit under the bra line for easy breast feeding when the time comes.

They also have two high-waisted skirts, both featured here. It’s fun to be able to switch things up a bit with a high-waisted look when pregnant, and I feel like these silhouettes help to elongate my short frame.


Video: Eco Maternity Wear Capsule Wardrobe

This video was filmed and edited by the delightful David Desgardin (who also created our intro video). We absolutely love working with him. He is talent, kindness and generosity incarnate. We are so grateful for our Veggie MAN-ifique team players!

Talking of which, all the photos featured here were taken by the uber-talented (and very patient…) Arnold de Souza. Thanks a million, Arnold. 🙂


maternity fashion eco wear boob design‘Flatter Me’ breastfeeding top – Boob Design
‘Once-On-Never-Off’ loose trousers – Boob Design
Vegan flats – Melissa
Shirt – thrifted
eco maternity‘Alessandra’ dress – Tiffany Rose
Hat – thrifted


Mega thanks also to Ann for so painstakingly and enthusiastically doing my hair and makeup, and for ensuring everything was tickety-boo during the shoot.

Changing outfits in the middle of Paris, surrounded by tourists, is not something I could have done without my bestie by my side (and a big old sheet to hide behind!).


maternity-wear-fashion-boob-design-skirt‘Once-On-Never-Off’ skirt – Boob Design
Top – Envie de Fraise
Hat – thrifted



I hope you’ve enjoyed this sunny meander through springtime Paris. We certainly did!

Which outfit is your favourite? Have you tried Boob Design or Tiffany Rose? Do you know of any other eco-friendly maternity brands? Let us know in the comments below.


Lots of love from me and my ever-growing bump,

p.s. Pregnant in Paris too? Our lovely chiropractor, Anaïs Badon is holding a free event for all you future mamas, with tons of info on creating zenned-out and all-natural early parenting days. Plus Ann and I will be providing the yums. 🙂 Be sure to reserve your spot!

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