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{ Big News } Leaving Paris to Become a Digital Nomad



I am a relisher of pivotal moments.

I can tell you off the top of my head nearly all of the pivotal moments of my life – I collect them in my mind like post cards… mementos of when I seized the day with zealous enthusiasm, and where my life dramatically changed.

I love the exhilarating feeling of knowing a massive change must be made, and I love calculating what must be done to execute this change. Because, to me, pivotal moments are everything. Pivotal moments are when we truly live. Pivotal moments are when we make bold decisions, take life by the reins, and fearlessly jump into the unknown.

Leaving Paris?

Yep. A pivotal moment has just happened for me.

My partner and I are skedaddling out of Paris for the time being. I go into detail in the video, but suffice it to say, we’re seizing the day, grabbing the bull by the horns, and headin’ out of Dodge.

Now I realize that for the past several years, this has been principally a Parisian blog, but I’m hoping you’re excited for Veggie Magnifique to go global.


(Today’s video was shot in the adorable new vegan café Lotus & Cactus. If you’re in Paris, definitely go try their eggplant dish with a poppyseed cake for dessert. Yum!)


NEW VIDEO: I’m Leaving Paris to Become a Digital Nomad

Français ? Mettez les sous-titres ! Cliquez sur le p’tit CC à droite. 


So what do you guys think? You comin’ with me as we travel the world? Anything in particular you’d like to see on Veggie Magnifique? I’m all ears.

Also, thank you so much for your patience as I took this past month off. I certainly didn’t want to miss my magic moment of matrimonial bliss, and I’m rrrreally glad I was totally present. (So, yes! I just got married! More to come about this, friends. Can’t WAIT to share some pics!)


Let’s hit the road,

{Ann leaping pic by PhillipVN Photography.}

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2 thoughts on “Leaving Paris to Become a Digital Nomad

  1. Wow, so excited for you Ann! Looking forward to watching and learning from your vagabonding. Wishing you fulfilling and exciting adventures on this new path .

  2. Sonia says:

    Have the very best time exploring the world together!! Fabulous adventures on the horizon… xo

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