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Everyone has dreams. But, certainly, not everyone the courage to follow them.

Since that pivotal day when a 6-year-old Johanna Lefebvre helped her grandmother carefully craft a gorgeous apple tart, Johanna discovered her love of baking. The precision, the sweetness, the warmth. It was this exact cinnamon-filled moment where she knew her life would revolve around pâtisseries. Of course it took many years to reach her goal, including obstacles of every sort — like boring accounting/banking jobs — but in the end, she succeeded. And hallelujah. Because her dream makes our dreams come true.

Vegan and eco cake in Paris? Yes, please.


Johanna Lefebvre in Elle Magazine

And it looks like all of Paris is rejoicing with us.

Last month Johanna was featured in an article in Elle magazine called “The Joy of Reinventing {oneself}”, where she was interviewed about her courageous story — saying au revoir to the comfort of a “stable” job, and daring to start again, this time with passion. (Learn more about her story in the video below.)


elle magazine johanna lefebvre

Johanna looking fetching in Elle magazine, January 20th, 2018.

Eco and Vegan Cake?

Johanna calls her cake shop responsable, meaning an emphasis on organic, local, and eco procedures whenever possible. And trust us, you can taste it — from the whipped white frosting to the apricots. Eco never tasted so good.

Feel like watching us eat cake? Of course you do!


VLOG: Jo and Nana Cakes | Vegan and Eco Cake in Paris

{Mmmm. Share this video with anyone who thinks being vegan is “deprivation.” Ha!}


So who’s in for some spéculoos cake?

Rendez-vous here:

6, rue Rennequin
75017 Paris

Tues – Fri: 12h – 20h
Sat.: 10h30- 19h
Sunday: 10h30 – 18h


See you there!

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