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{ Vlog } Yem’a Paris — Vegan and Gluten-Free

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I’m always very touched when I witness kindness between strangers.

The man who gives his seat on the metro to the elderly woman. The woman who yells to the bus driver to let down the ramp for the handicapped man when the bus driver doesn’t hear him. Total strangers, total kindness. It restores my faith in humanity, and reminds me not to be as fearful as “they” would have me be, of my fellow man or woman.

Now, there are those who don’t see Parisians as the “nicest” per se, but you better believe we’re a community… a beautiful, multi-culti community. And one of the miracles of life (proven by quantum physics) is the more you look for kindness and community, the more you find it.

Not only is community one of the factors in longevity (check out the Blue Zone studies,) it’s also one of Chloe and my favorite aspects of Veggie Magnifique — the extraordinary people we meet who are doing extraordinary things.

One such specimen is Hacina, who has created a warm haven of conviviality and community at the new vegan café, Yem’a.


vegan gluten free yema paris

Hacina, right, with our friendly server. 

Yem’a is for real folk. Working folk. Anyone who wants to fill their belly without entirely emptying their pockets. Hacina takes pride in providing dishes that are hearty, wholesome, and, above all, accessible. No 20 euro rice balls here — you’re going to leave nourished and satisfied.

See, unlike some vegan restaurants, Yem’a is anything but pretentious. Cantine-style and communal, you bus your own table, and sit real-cozy-like next to your neighbor in the small eating area in the back of the restaurant.

yema yem'a vegan gluten free

Chef Camille with Chlo-ita.

And guess what?

It’s gluten-free, too. So suddenly planning next week’s luncheon with your work team just got that much easier. (Because we know your project manager Gustave has celiac something fierce.)

So let’s dig in! We hope you enjoy our Yem’a vlog as much as we enjoyed making it. Mmm… that curry. I’m STILL dreaming of its coconut-y sweetness…

VLOG Yem’a — Vegan and Gluten-Free

There you have it! The yumminess at Yem’a, tried and tested. Hope you can pop by Yem’a for a bowl of goodness! (Watch more Paris vlogs here.)

Now, to you… Do you know any spots that are filled with a community vibe? How do you feel about bussing your own table? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Carrots and raisins,

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