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Going vegan is a beautiful process. It starts with upwatting what you eat, and ends up revolutionising most other areas of life, too. (See Ann’s recent musing about how fashion choices evolve when we do.)

So, our beauty regimens receive a much-needed overhaul. After all, what we put on our body goes straight into our bloodstream. Add to that the (still woefully common) practice of animal testing, and you’ve got yourself a solid argument to continue down that road less travelled.

Growing up, I was fascinated by the myriad colours and smells of conventional beauty products. To me they symbolised a coming of age, making them all kinds of intoxicating. But over time, I realised with indignation that these products were actually just plain toxic.

These days I find nature intoxicating, and I’m having a love affair with a daring tome called ‘Renegade Beauty‘. This book is magical – I’ll leave it at that for now. Suffice to say this isn’t the last time you’ll hear us expound on the joys of making healthier choices for your beauty care products.

Because the thing is, while an iridescent L’Oréal shampoo might give you shiny hair on the first use, it doesn’t have your longterm beauty and wellbeing in mind, i.e. it strips your hair of its natural protective sheen, and leaves behind a slew of gunky nasties. And when we pare down and use 100% natural and kind products, we rediscover the beauty that lay within the whole time.

Video: How to Be a Hair Minimalist

No shampoo for five years? No problem!

*Amis français: il y a des sous-titres. Il faut cliquer sur ‘CC’*

An extra perk that I forgot to mention in the video is that travelling becomes a breeze when you only have a couple of jars of simple beauty care ingredients to take along with you and when you don’t need to wash your hair every other day.

Ok, so I get a few funny looks going through security with all my white powders, but hey… that’s the price of being a hair renegade.


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