Vegan + Natural Skincare | Dutch Health Store Unboxing!

{ Giveaway } Vegan + Natural Skincare | Dutch Health Store Unboxing!



You may be consuming more toxins than you think.

Turns out our skin is our largest organ, and you better believe it’s absorbent! So we would all do well to be excessively persnickety about what we put on it.


There are so many unavoidable toxins, i.e. in the soil and the air, etc., that we must make an effort to avoid voluntarily consuming more of them. Hence why I’m such a stickler for what I consume, and I mean that holistically — food, body care products, and even what I consume in terms of information.

We are what we “eat,” after all, and fortunately we have a choice most of the time.

The Dutch Health Store – Natural. Organic. Vegan.

So, ditch the toxins and go Dutch!

The Dutch Health Store (DHS) is one of Europe’s finest online purveyors of clean, organic, vegan, and natural skincare products. They are also zee way to get Living Libations products over in Europe, which… is how initially Chloe and I stumbled across this amazing site!

A Word on Unboxings…

Most unboxings are all about consumption, and unpleasantly so – however, this one is all about conscious consumption. (Learn more about conscious consumption.) So, yes, this video is indeed related to what you consume, but to me it’s more of a, “Hey! Look at all these clean products that don’t pollute your body!” for when you do in fact need them. I hope you see it this way, too. As always, let us be mindful about what we eat, what we use, what we buy, and how we live. 

Let’s jump into the video…

NEW VIDEO: Vegan + Natural Skincare Unboxing | The Dutch Health Store

{Products featured: Jasmin Julep Petal Perfume, Succulent Cell Hydration, Everybody Loves the Sunshine with Zinc, Everybody Loves the Sunshine Balm Stick, Celestial Gold Cream Stick Eyeshadow, Seabuckthorn Anti-Aging Cleanser, Best Skin Ever – Vanilla, Nai’a Aura Spray, Ionic Toothbrush, Similar Soap Bar, After Sun Oil, Chaga Extract.}

⭐️Use VM’s code: “veggiemagnifique” and get a discount on Dutch Health Store products. Yaaaaaaay! 


Today’s Giveaway: Chaga

I’m super stoked (yes, I just said “stoked”… I’m a child of the 80s,) about today’s giveaway because it’s an adaptogen. Now, if you’re never heard of these amazing medicinal herbs/plants, it’s time to do a lil’ research!

To get you started, here are some benefits of adaptogens:

  • regulate hormones
  • support adrenal function
  • can reduce inflammation
  • reduced cholesterol levels
  • help to normalize physiological functions and aid the body holistically with issues such as insomnia, stress, and anxiety
  • can be used to treat certain maladies and diseases
  • etc.

Chaga, specifically, is a mushroom, but not just any ol’ ordinary champignon. It’s an immune system powerhouse, supporting overall wellness, and energy levels. (Learn more about adaptogens here and here.)

To Enter the Giveaway

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To your health, inside and out,

{Featured image by Katie Donnelly Photography.}

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