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{ Unboxing } Living Libations – Luxuriating in Essential Oil Bliss



My anti-consumerist soul takes issue with unboxing videos, and most especially with the word ‘haul’.

So it made eminent sense for me to make this, erm, unboxing video of my Living Libations… haul.

Allow me to explain. My consumption of Living Libations products is in no way throwaway. I lovingly savour every drop of these beautiful plant elixirs, created by Nadine Artemis, fairy queen of essential oil land. And the treasures I received today will last me years.

What’s more, what I consume in the essential oil realm, I more than make up for in my lack of consumption of personal care products.

It has been many years since I have bought shampoo, conditioner, styling products, toothpaste or deodorant. Heck, I don’t even buy laundry detergent anymore. That’s a lot of plastic, and intoxication of my body and the environment, saved.

I prefer to eschew all of those cheap thrills in favour of the most exquisite health-and-beauty-enhancing elixirs money can buy, i.e. essential oils.

These oils are quite literally essential to my daily existence. Perhaps I will create another video detailing how exactly I use these precious gems, but for now, here is my selection of the potent, fun, magical plant essences that catapult me into bliss every day.

Video: Living Libations Unboxing – A Moment of Essential Oil Bliss

Oh! Here’s some fabulous news for you: should you, too, long to luxuriate in the lavishness of Living Libations, the lovely Wilma of the Dutch Health Store is offering Veggie Magnifique readers a 10% discount. Code: Veggie09. FYI, we are not affiliated to the Dutch Health Store, we just wanted to share the joy. Enjoy that bliss!


With lavish bouquets and warm autumn breezes, 😉

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