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{ Paris } Niébé: Vegan Soul Food on the Rive Gauche




It’s official, Paris rive gauche is finally coming round to the magnifique way of life!

Whilst the rive droit has enjoyed a veggie-mecca makeover these past few years, the left bank has always been decidedly lacklustre for us plant-based health bunnies.

But, thanks to another entertaining missive from always-on-point The Light Side, a shiny new world of veggie in the Latin Quarter, Montparnasse and St Germain has been revealed to us. (Ok, so the 7th arrondissement remains an almighty fail for vegan eats, but let’s not lose hope just yet.)


First pitstop on our discovery tour: Niébé


Niébé: Exotic Soul Food in a Gorgeous Setting

setting-veggie-friendly-niébé-parisThe chic and light-filled decor chez Niébé


Niébé means black-eyed pea in Senegalese, and these little beany powerhouses are featured throughout Niébé’s cuisine.

The black-eyed pea is generally underrepresented in anglo-saxon cooking – I’d never tried ’em, and I’m all about pulses! But in African cultures, it’s nicknamed ‘the magic bean’, since it’s packed with nutrition. It provides so much strength and energy that scientists are studying it as a food of the future for astronauts. Rien que ça! 


tasting-niébé-veggie-veganHolding myself back for the photo-op…


The talent behind Niébé’s delicious offerings is the lovely Rosilène, a famed chef from Brazil. Her menu offers a round-the-world tour of flavours and textures, and tastes like nothing we’ve ever tried before in Paris.

And – get this: it’s not an exclusively vegan spot. Rosilène, and owners Joséphine and Anne, consciously created a space where vegans and non-vegans alike could eat together, in a spirit of conviviality. As such, one side of the menu is omnivore, and the other side totally vegan. So it’s a perfect spot when you’re hanging out with a mixed bag of flexitarians and veggies, or for when belle-maman comes to visit (you’re still working on her 😉 ).


Vlog: Our Experience chez Niébé

Check it out – our first ever vlog!

We had to swallow our pride and procure a selfie stick for the occasion… we’re still trying to get over the embarrassment.

Hope you dig this new vlogging format – let us know what you think:

So there you have it, our first foray in the brave new world of left bank veggie. Watch this space for more reviews, and vive la veggie revolution!


Love and magic beans,

p.s. Ok, we were a bit tough on the left bank – let’s not forget that Brasserie Lola has been paving the rive gauche veggie way for a good few years now. Another one to try for you south-of-the-river health seekers!

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