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There are really only a few essentials in life.

Fresh air, love, continued growth, and vibrant fruits and veggies.

But we humans like to complicate things.

We like to think that we need copious amounts of clothes and stuff and gadgets in order to be “happy.” We think that if we don’t have the latest ______, we shall surely perish. And, yet, many of these so-called “needs,” in excess, can surely lead to our demise… or at least our discomfort.

This was certainly the case with Courtney Carver of the blog, Be More with Less, when she came down with MS, and decided she had better change… and change she did.

In short, she changed everything. Her food, her attitude, her systems, and, what she’s most famous for, her wardrobe. And in doing so, she started what some might call a mini revolution against excess, her minimalist capsule wardrobe challenge, Project 333.

What is Project 333?

In her own words, “Project 333 is the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months.”

Basically it’s a crash course in minimalism and capsule wardrobe-ing.

According to Courtney, wearing just 33 items helps you focus on the essential and what’s important, instead of socks and sweaters.

Sounds good to us.

As self-proclaimed “optimization geeks” here on Veggie Magnifique, we love “less” and “minimalism.” Through experience, we’ve found  that the more we simplify and minimize, the more we enjoy our lives, and the more productive and fulfilled we are.

So we’re in.

Additional Challenge: Eco + Vegan Capsule Wardrobe

And because we like to go for the gold, we thought that this was the perfect opportunity to curate our wardrobes a bit. As such, any new pieces we’ll be adding to our closets will be coming from more eco, sustainable, and vegan brands.

It not only feels good to support ethical and vegan brands, but it’s a win-win in the end. Considering we’ll be wearing each item a lot more, it makes sense to purchase clothing that will stand the test of time. Generally speaking, conscious companies tend to create much more quality and durable pieces, whereas their cheapy-cheap fast fashion counterparts make shoddy garb that falls apart mere weeks after you buy it.

Watch: The True Cost

But let’s get into the video — all is explained. (Today is episode 1 of a three-part series, so stay tuned for further minimalism closetry in the coming weeks!)

Episode 1 | Project 333: Vegan/Eco Capsule Wardrobe | Preparation + Why

As we explained in the video above, we’re eager to experience more ease in the morning, hone in our personal styles, and we’re certainly curious to see what happens when we only have 33 items in our closets!

Have you tried Project 333? Or are you a maximalist with 12 blazers? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’d like to join us, definitely check out the guidelines here and make sure to tag us with pics of your process! #veggiemagnifique


Cheers to the essentials of life,

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