Project 333: Episode 2 | How to Create a Vegan + Eco Capsule Wardrobe

{ Episode 2 } Project 333: How to Create a Vegan + Eco Capsule Wardrobe




Today’s post comes with a big caveat.

I.e. We are not fashionistas nor stylists.

We certainly enjoy looking fab, and the thrills of fashion to a certain extent, but this whole capsule wardrobe-ing is firstly about minimalism, clarity, and peace of mind.

If you’ve seen the first video in this series where we explained why we are doing Project 333 — definitely watch that first if you haven’t — you’ll know that we both seek to downsize, simplify, and also to become more in touch with our personal styles and styles that truly work for our lifestyles and body types.

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

To create our capsules, we have been following Courtney Carver’s Dress with Less Microcourse, and also watching a bunch of YouTube videos. (Again, remember, we are not professional stylists… we’re just takin’ a whack at it!)

So far, in going through the motions of creating a capsule wardrobe, we’ve had some brilliant revelations! We have found different kinds of clothing that make us feel more fabulous than others, and figured out the ones that just do not work for us.

Ahhh, clarity. A sweet tonic for the soul.

Oh, and by the way… it’s true what Courtney and other minimalists say, i.e. as counterintuitive as it sounds, when you have fewer items, you always have something to wear!

Of course, there have certainly been challenges along the way… especially since we have sought to make our capsules as vegan and eco as possible (hello, online shopping and all that entails,) but also just navigating the ins and outs of getting rid of things. As I explained in my October Favorites post, the perils of minimalism are real. 


Today we’re walking you through our process.

Even if you’re not interested in doing a capsule wardrobe, we hope that you’ll benefit from the different elements and clarity that come from any kind of “clothes cleansing.” May our journeys inspire you to be more mindful in your shopping and life!


Episode 2 | Project 333: How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

(Remember to check out the YouTube comments box where we’ve shared oodles of links to help you minimalise stuff, and maximize joy, plus resources for everything “capsule.”)


What was your biggest takeaway from this video? Have you been inspired to schedule a clothes swap of your own? And tell us… are you able to part with things as innocuous as clothes, or are you painfully sentimental over every sock and scarf?


333 hugs, 🤗

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