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How to reduce waste at home

Look — I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but it’s gettin’ real vis-à-vis the landfill situation.

Have you ever thought about how much garbage we’re cramming into the earth? Let’s trash talk for a hot second…  It’s estimated that by 2100 we’ll be producing THREE TIMES the amount of waste as we currently are, and that’s disconcerting. (To learn more, click here.)

If you’ve read my bio, you know that I used to live in LA. For five years I lived in a 1920s bungalow with two other girls. Fun times, sure, but in addition to producing a lot of trash, there was often total recycling bin negligence. At one point, I just got fed up and decided to be a bit clearer about the issue, taping this on the garbage bin.

Landfill Waste Bin

My roommates loved me… But, hey, sometimes you have to tell it like it is: EVERYTHING that is thrown away, goes directly into the ground, polluting our planet.

So… what are we to do?

Well, let’s ask MJ (he has most of the answers, after all):

I’m starting with the man in the mirror,
I’m askin’ him to change his ways,
And no message could’a been any clearer —
If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change. Hoo!

(Thanks, Michael. Always a source of inspiration.)

So, whether you’re a man or woman, bat or squirrel, it’s time to make a change, man.


Well, mattafact, we made a video about it…

To summarize…

How to Reduce Waste in Your Life:

  1. Bring a reusable bag with you everywhere.
  2. Use nutmilk bags as handy carry-alls, especially when buying in bulk at the store.
  3. Bring reusable water bottles and thermoses with you every day. (No paper, and especially not plastic, cups.)
  4. Use mason jars for everything. 
  5. If you’re a girl, consider using a moon cup when your “aunt visits.”

Also, to go more in depth, check out Lauren Singer’s top tips to reduce your waste — she’s the expert. Or if you’re feeling really inspired, check out the lady who started it all (the expert’s expert) Béa Johnson.

You are going to look so cool with your nutmilk bags… trust me,

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4 thoughts on “How to Reduce Waste in Your Daily Life

  1. Liz Strand says:

    Loved it! Cute! Informative. Funny,

    1. Ann says:

      Yay! Thanks, Liz! Thanks so much for watching. 🙂 Glad you liked it!

  2. Bibi says:

    Bravo!!! All those tips are brilliant. I used to be a complete Bea Johnson disciple but felt guilty when I slacked. Now I do what I can – yay for reusable thermoses and bottles. I have fabric bags I used when buying in bulk but they were too bulky!!! Those nutmilk bags look really good and lightweight – did you buy them online? I now use the fabric bags to take homemade popcorn to the cinema with my son. We have cute re-usable sandwich bags too. Anyhow keep up the great work Veggie Magnifique – the world need folks like you!

    1. Chloe says:

      Hi Bibi! So sorry, I only just saw your lovely comment. Thanks so much for your positive words, and I love that not only do you homemake your cinema popcorn, but you take it in a re-usable bag – double zero-waste points!

      I got my nutmilk bags on – it’s a treasure trove!

      Sending lots of love, Chloe xxx

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