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I’ve got a massive case of wanderlust.

It may be that I’ve read Vagabonding twice in the last few months… though, if I’m being entirely honest, when you’re surrounded by besties having bébés (here’s looking at you, Chloe, Sydnee, Leann, Tara, etc. 🤰🏼), and you’re about as ready to procreate as you are to go bungee jumping… you realize it’s time to get out and see the world maybe before your eggs dry up.

So we went to Lisbon.

(It surely didn’t quell my incurable wanderlust, but let’s say it scratched the itch a bit.)

Many people told me it was going to be a challenge for me to find veggie food in Lisbon, but I wasn’t to be deterred. As with so many conundrums, the answer is often a lil’ internet research — principally Yelp, YouTube, and the like.

Turns out dem homeboys were wrong. With a little bit of planning, we had vegan food coming out our ears. We even found vegan pastels de Belém!

So, here’s a little peek into my week in Portugal. (Below the video you’ll find a more detailed guide to vegan eats in Lisbon.)

Vegan Eating in Lisbon, Portugal

As promised, here’s a more detailed list of where we found vegan yummies.

A Guide to Vegan Eats in Lisbon

vegan lisbon lisboa

Buffet style with out-of-this-world creamy desserts

Jardim das Cerejas

Calçada do Sacramento, 36
1900-036 Lisbon

Go here: When you’re hungry and in the mood for some papadum.

This place was so delish that we went there twice.

Let me just preface this by saying I’m 100% not a buffet person. I think less is more, beautifully presented food is better, and I don’t like to get up and down during a meal, or dealing with my dining companions up-and-downing. That being said, this entirely vegan, Indian-style buffet did successfully seduce me. (Though the creamy tiramisu desserts were the true clincher.)

The food here is fresh and flavorful, there’s a massive salad bar, they have freshly squeezed juice, and again, gorgeously creamy desserts. And you can’t beat the price: Lunch buffet 7.50€ and Dinner buffet 9.50€. Yyyep.

{Visit their site.}

lisbon lisboa vegan veggie jardim

Not the prettiest plate — again, a buffet, but man… so good.

Jardim Dos Sentidos

Rua Mãe d’Água, 3
1250-154 Lisbon

Go here for: Again, when you’re hungry, and want an abundance of options.

This is another buffet, not 100% vegan, but almost, and it’s very clearly marked. (Gluten is marked as well.) This jardim has decadent dishes like a creamy mushroom seitan sauce, and an amazing black-eyed pea casserole, and as much lemon and ginger tea as you can drink. Their desserts aren’t as spectacular as Jardim Das Cerejas, and their salad bar isn’t as copious, but their savory main dishes are a teeny bit more exquisite and delectable, plus the restaurant ambiance is excellent.

{Visit their site.}

vegan lisbon where to

Cute and homecooked at Princesa do Castelo

Princesa Do Castelo

Rua do Salvador, 64
1100-466 Lisbon

Go here for: Clean buddha bowls + pastel de Belém.

This is the little hippie-hipster-veg joint of the city. A cute kitchen is nestled at the end of the restaurant, and it hosts a few different cooks who like to mix it up depending on their moods. So, one day you could have a curry, another day a Korean style dish. It’s wonderful and warming, but not necessarily bountiful in portion.

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing here is that you can get a vegan pastel de Belem. I had been tortured by these entirely un-vegan (eggs! milk! butter!) pastries for days. They are everywhere and famous and everyone asks you if you’ve tried them and you have to explain that you don’t eat animals and/or their fluids, and yadda yadda. Well, I finally got one without all the animal products here, and it was pretty good!

{Visit their site.}


The photo is a bit dark because it was evening, but you can still see the scrumtiousness.

Restaurante PSI

Alameda Santo António dos Capuchos
1150-314 Lisbon

Go here for: Romantic gazebo ambiance, wide variety of tasty veggie dishes.

The draw here is that everything is quality, there are oodles of options, and you sit in a circular gazebo in a park. Not bad at all. (The Korean style tofu dish was absolutely scrumptious.)

{Visit their site.}


Aloha Café

R. Monte Olivete, 20
1200-280 Lisbon

Go here for: Delicious, organic, and healthy vegan eats, treats, and hot drinks.

Aloha Café is a real find, and takes the cake for My Fave Spot in Lisbon.

Their salads are artfully designed like flowering mandalas, and their seitan or tofu burgers come decorated with sprouts and a side of lightly salted sweet potato fries. They have absolutely delicious desserts: berry crumbles, cacao cakes, and gooey tahini coconut confections. Plus their matcha latte is the BEST matcha latte I’ve ever had in a cafe — she actually put enough matcha and it was served piping hot, comme il faut.


The only downside is that they play awful top 40 music. 🙉

{Visit their site.}


And to visit next time: Food Temple, Foodprintz, and AO 26.

I truly hope that this will inspire you to check out Lisbon and all its delights — food or otherwise. If you do hit up one of these yummy veggie hotspots, make sure to tag us on social media with @veggiemagnifique!

Here’s wishing you a beautiful and veggious 2018. Let’s be kind this year, friends.

With love,

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  1. Vegan Lisbon says:

    Lisbon was definitely one of our favorite cities to visit as a vegan – sooo many delicious options! 🙂
    Here are some more restaurants:

    1. Ann says:

      Hi there! Thanks so much for your comment! And also — what a wonderful resource for vegan food in Lisbon. Thank you!

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