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The polls are in.

You’re not vegan.

Well… maybe you are, but in terms of our “data collecting,” you’re probably not. It turns out that many of our readers aren’t actually vegan, however, many would either like to be, or would like to know how to eat more and more plants by replacing animal products in their age-old fave dishes.

To this we say, “Awesome. You’re in the right place.”

Now, of course to us a perfect world would be vegan, but we realize that it takes time, practice, and a whole lotta inspiration. So, let’s get on with it!

Major Stumbling Blocks Re: Going Vegan

But I love cheesy and creamy! What do I do?

We’ve been there, and we’ve done that, and we’re here to help. In today’s video we talk about all the vegan swaps for the major stumbling blocks people face when trying to eat more veggily.

We address:

  • How to replace meat – both “fake meats” as well as “meaty” whole foods
  • Why you think you like meat to begin with
  • How to go about vegan baking
  • How to replace eggs in several kinds of dishes and baking
  • How to replace bone broth with an alternative that’ll take your cookin’ to the next level
  • What to do about CHEESE
  • How to make things creamy and vegan

Click below, and start swapping!

Easy Vegan Swaps | How To Replace Meat, Cheese + Dairy

Of course we’d like to take a moment to especially thank dear Barbara – our lovely reader/viewer/colleague and, most importantly, friend – for asking us to make this video. We had a ball doing it, and we certainly hope that it’ll help a plethora of people!

Please do let us know if there’s anything we missed, we’d be happy to share more vegan versions for other faves of yours.


Love + cashew cream,

P.S. That bourguignon, guys…

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