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I think we all have a bit of a chip on our shoulder when it comes to New Years Resolutions.

We certainly like the idea of them…

e.g. Yes! I shall strive to be better this year! I’m going to set goals, by jove!

… which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy and motivated.

That is until January 15th, when we’ve fallen off the bandwagon… resulting in feeling all kinds of sheepish, causing us to take five steps backward.

Which isn’t the way we want to start out the year.

One powerful way that we’ve found to avoid this sort of yo-yo resolution setting and set-back-ing is a year end ritual. By now, you may know that we’re into rituals. We swear by a Morning Ritual as one of the best ways to change and up watt your life, and so too, is an end of the year ritual a truly effective practice for creating the life you desire.

Reflecting on 2018 + Planning an Amazing 2019 to Come

We’d like to share our year-end ritual, as well as a lil’ goal setting activity to get you going in 2019 with gusto — so today’s video is a multi-media activity. Part one is the video where we’ll explain how to end your year with aplomb and clarity, plus how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals for the new year. Part two is a Veggie Magnifique-made PDF to print out (or do on a device) to fill out as you watch the video or afterward to help you end your year with aplomb and pizzazz and plan ahead strategically for the coming year.

View/Download the document in English here.

Voir/Télécharger le document en Français ici.


NEW VIDEO: Year-End Ritual + Planning Your Year

(Pour les sous-titres en français, cliquez sur le petit CC à droite.)

Ready to make 2019 great?

Remember, as we explain in the video, having a “Big Why” will provide the necessary emotional charge to fuel your desires, and help you carry through with your goals and objectives as the year rolls on.

What’s your “Big Why?” Let us know in the comments below.


Sending the warmest holiday wishes to you and yours.

Happy New Year, friends!


{Cover photos by the ever-talented Katie Donnelly.}

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