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You never thought it would happen.

But, Paris is going vegan.

Or… at least we have our first 100% vegan concept store, which is almost the same thing.

Paris’ First Concept Store in Paris Aujourd’hui Demain

We first discovered Cheyma and Raphaël, co-founders of Aujourd’hui Demain, as they were passing out flyers at the very first Veggie World in Paris in 2016. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, they were eager to get the word out about their very embryonic concept (at the time,) and we were happy to hear that it was in works. Flash forward almost two years and oh how far they’ve come. After an insanely impressive crowd funding campaign, and a whole lotta passion and volition, Cheyma and Raphaël have successfully created a plant-lovin’ paradise. (The veggious masses rejoice!)

Chloe and I recently took a turn over at the new Aujourd’hui Demain in order to film all the wonders and marvels of Paris’ first entirely vegan concept store. We think you won’t be able to believe your eyes.

Dare I say that we were in hog heaven? We’ll let you be the judge…

{Vlog} Aujourd’hui Demain – Vegan Concept Store

See why we’re so elated? It’s our new one-stop-shop!

Just as a reminder…

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics à Go-Go


All the best cosmetics — so easy peasy to find, and you can be sure that they are ethical, pure, and vegan. 

Delicious Vegan Lunch + Desserts

Come hungry to Aujourd’hui Demain, because head chef Clémentine Lenglet whips up some massively delish dishes with panache and aplomb. Tofu bowls, seitan sandwiches, cakes, tartes, and even “cheesecakes” will tickle your fancy as you lounge in their almost entirely “repurposed” café. (Most of their tables, chairs, and couches were found on Paris streets and then fixed up. How hip and hipster is that?)

vegan concept store paris

Yes, that’s the scrumptious seitan bowl…

peanut butter bar and matcha latte vegan paris

And yes, that’s a peanut butter covered chocolate ganache bar with a side of matcha latte. (You’re welcome.)

Plus clothes, shoes, and jackfruit! 

They even had a high chair for Baby Magnifique who, as you saw in the video, joined us on our tour of Aujourd’hui Demain! (He loved it.)

So, in short, look no further friends… all your eco-conscious, animal-loving, vegan needs are met, at last. Don’t wait for demain, go aujourd’hui, and your life will never be the same.


Aujourd’hui Demain
42 rue du Chemin Vert
75011 Paris

10 am – 8 pm Tue. – Sat.
12 pm -6 pm  Sunday
Closed Mondays


Vegan cheese + love,

P.S. Next weekend is Veggie World! We have a big presentation planned — are you coming? Saturday, 11:45 am, April 7th. See you there!

veggie magnifique veggie world

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