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People often ask me why I ended up in France. For lack of a better response, I usually reply with something to the effect of “pourquoi pas?”

But when I became a mum, I started to wonder why the heck I chose this country.

Sure, it’s beautiful, there’s a lot more space than in England, and I got to become bilingual. Plus, after 12 years here, I have my family that I love with all my heart, incredible friends, and a job I adore.

It’s just that France loves rules. Especially when it comes to children. Enjoy civil liberties? Don’t move to France.

Now that I know what the parenting rules are (thanks to the two books I talk about in my video), I’m looking forward to finding creative ways around them. Necessity is the mother of invention after all. And I’m the mother of a cute-ster who deserves the very best in life. And that’s what I shall give him, all the while thwarting the French government’s evil plan to turn every baby into a docile, cheese-eating citizen. Mouahaha!

But actually, there is change in the air. People are waking up and questioning old beliefs. It’s happening in the big cities – Paris, Bordeaux, Marseilles – and it’s spreading. Thank God. Just look at the impact Veggie World is having! (By the way, are you coming to our presentation tomorrow?)


Video: Being a Vegan Mum in France

There are English subtitles for this video – activate them by clicking on CC.

Books featured:

Petit Végétarien Gourmand, by Marie Lafôret et Ludovic Ringot

Veggie Kids, by Sophie Cottarel, Marie Lafôret et Ophélie Véron


Are you a vegan parent in France too? How do you deal with all those rules? Let us know in the comments below – we’ve got to stick together!

Vive la vegan revolution – for us, and for our children,

p.s. Did you see us on national TV last week? Woot!

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